Canada Rx Connection Review – Not A Trusted Online Pharmacy

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Canada Rx Connection Review – Not A Trusted Online Pharmacy

Canada rx connection is a pharmacy which is based in Canada, its website proudly displaying the word "Canada" in the upper right hand corner. It also says on its main page that it is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the Pharmacy Checker Awards.

The store does not make any mention of its physical location as shown on the website, but it says on their site that they have a Canadian or European pharmacy.

I am unable to determine the quality of service that this store provides, but this doesn’t matter because they are not telling the truth.

The store offers various discount rates ranging from 20% to 30% on products costing under $50. That is 20% off for consumers with orders over $200 and 30% off for those with orders more than $300. These rates are extremely competitive, and you cannot deny that this is a better way to spend your hard-earned cash.

I was not able to find reliable sources online for this review, so I was forced to use other legitimate means to get confirmation.

I found no reliable online sources for this website, which is quite disappointing because the pharmacy has an enviable track record of service.

When I was unable to find reliable sources on the web, I used a website known as to confirm the legitimacy of the business.

“rogue”. It also highlighted the fact that the store does not use a valid SSL certificate, which is an important aspect of the website.

As I mentioned earlier, offers some great rates but you need to order more to qualify them.

Vardenafil Hydrochloride

Vardenafil is also a popular drug for men at up to 40% (!) of their normal dosage. It is also effective to a point, giving men a boost to their performance and it is safe to use.

Like all the other medicines on this site, it is cheap and easy to use. No extra pills are required, just check the price if you have any concerns.

They have a variety of products available, they are of good quality, and you won’t face any threat when ordering from them.

This website is a pharmacy that sells different types of drugs. All the drugs that they sell look very authentic and they seem very legit. But, there are some issues that we found. Below are some of the issues that you should be aware of.

Canada Rx Connection Reviews 2021
Canada Rx Connection Reviews 2021

But, what they don’t tell you is that they are using an affiliate program that takes commissions.

Canada Rx Connection Coupon Codes

At the time of this writing, canada rx connection has not yet been able to provide their full information about the internet drugstore. This could be due to the fact that they are still in the process of preparing their website for display.

The domain for this drugstore was first registered in 2017 which is quite a short time. This could mean that the website is only months old and is therefore not up to scratch.

On the other hand, there is also a large amount of domain activity and record in the last few years which indicates that the site is legit. The new domain also has a strong Facebook following and has a lot of shares.

LegitScript has reviewed this pharmaceutical website and classified it as a rogue internet pharmacy. This could mean that there is something seriously wrong with the website and it is not safe to use.

The website does not seem to be following any rules which are set out to ensure the safety of the customers.

On Legit Script, the site has been classified as a rogue internet pharmacy. This means that there is something seriously wrong with the website and it is not safe to use.

A wide variety of medicines can be bought from this internet drugstore and they are mostly generic medicines sold for as low as 70% less than the original price.

  • A complete online pharmacy, pharmacists from all over the world are working to provide high-quality medicine to their clients.
  • All drugs are approved by the Indian FDA. This guarantees the effectiveness of the drugs on the house and the quality of their delivery.
  • A high-quality house of pills, with all the brand name drugs available for sale.
  • Easy to order, with only the basics needed to get started.
  • A live chat support team for the customers to chat with.

A wide variety of payment methods can be used to purchase the drugs from this internet pharmacy. The most popular way to pay is through credit cards from the leading providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

There are also two shipping methods which can be used to order the drugs from this drugstore. One is the Standard shipping method which takes between one and two weeks and is cheap and fast.

Payment Methods

There are no reviews and testimonials for the shop. The store has been given a star rating of 39 out of 100, but the store is rated as “rogue” by Legit Script.

While they do have customer feedback and testimonials, these comments are only present in the seller’s own website. Additionally, there is no evidence for them to be real, even the testimonials do not match the customer reviews.

Customer Care
Customer Care

Therefore, it is strongly suggested to avoid the store, as they are currently receiving no customer reviews.

Protect your identity and your finances by using CoverTradeVigilant as your online drugstore. This pharmacy offers cheap prices, convenience and a hassle-free order process. However, we highly doubt the pharmacy’s authenticity, considering that they are using a fake customer review.

The site is operating from a location in Canada. It is being hosted on the Enterprise DNS, which is an online pharmacy that claims to be legit. However, our investigations confirm that this is a fake website.

Additionally, we verified that the owner country is being hidden by using a service called Scam Adviser.

This drugstore has several legal approvals and certifications from regulatory agencies. However, they do not have a genuine CIPA seal or any genuine license for their business.

Customer Care

This helps to understand why new pharmacies have a lot of difficulty in sifting through the massive amount of data that they have. It could suggest that the owner of the pharmacy is simply not being careful in using a domain that was just created a few years ago.

There is also a pharmacy in the UK that uses the same pharmacy and has the same medical specialists involved in the same way as it does in the US and the UK. The other store coordinates its services from the Czech Republic and is based in Bath, Western Australia.

What is more amazing is that all the pharmacies are operating within the law and these contacts are listed all under the auspices of regulatory bodies such as Pharmacy Checker, Australian Medical Association, European Medicines Agency, and the World Health Organization.

The pharmacy has had two different approvals in the last few years. It is still active, still licensed to operate. It is also listed as a rogue pharmacy on

Much like any other rogue pharmacy, this website offers a wide range of products and their prices are quite low. These products include:

  • Anti-allergy medication
  • Anti-fungal medication
  • Blood pressure treatment
  • Cold water athletic drink
  • Fruit and vegetable oil
  • Heart and cardiovascular health products

The pricing of their products is not transparent. It seems like they are offering it at a cheaper price than other rogue pharmacies.

Yes, you can pay with credit cards. The website has a PayPal and a Bitcoin payment options. There is also the EMS and Airmail options.

Canada Rx Connection Coupon Codes
Canada Rx Connection Coupon Codes

If you have, you will be impressed. Yes, they have a great deal in selling their products. But they also offer a lot of other things, like a live chat and a mailing address.

Canada Rx Connection Reviews 2021

Since the customer reviews are fake, we have checked and to get more details about the pharmacy.

Since the pharmacy has been listed as a threat under, we have decided to check the domain status using

There are a number of promotions going on with this store. They are giving you discounts on top of the existing discounts you already have. You can look around the websites to find the deals you want to take advantage of.

You can also take full advantage of the low prescription drug prices with their drug plans. They have a discount offer of up to 80% off with all plans under $200. Their prices are also low so it is a great deal.

Canada rx connection is a Canadian Pharmacy with a wide variety of medical products being offered. They provide ED drugs on their website, but we want to know if all drugs are FDA approved. This website claims to provide a Guaranteed Quality service. Are they?

The domain name records from show us that this name was only recently registered in the year 2002. This means that this business has been operating for quite a long time and not just a few months.

It is not yet registered for commercial or other legal purposes. This is good because it means that they do not have a problem getting the drugs they sell to the public.

Bottom Line

This was a surprise. I was not sure what to expect from this store, other than the good. Well, here is my review of the the website review.

This business is not registered with any regulatory authorities. I have seen this all before in the form of fake drugstores and scam pharmacies.

It is used by an illegal affiliate program. They make it seem like they are on a mission to help people suffering from all health conditions. They even give you free pills that you can use however you want. Unfortunately, this is not the case. They are using this as a scam business and are not registered as they are pretending.

Although they claim to offer branded meds, brand meds are dispensed from India. Where the pills are supposed to be dispensed from is not specified.

Customers must present a valid prescription from a licensed physician in order to purchase RX drugs from this pharmacy. Doctors are an exception is if they work for an individual pharmacy, they are not required to provide a prescription.