Clear Sky Pharmacy Review - Cheap Online Drugstore With High Quality Products

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Clear Sky Pharmacy Review - Cheap Online Drugstore With High Quality Products

Clear sky pharmacy is a US-based online pharmacy that sells a wide range of products to different parts of the world. However, despite their good service, the company hasn’t been able to attract any trustable customers despite having existed for nearly a decade.

I consider myself to be a reasonably observant person since I spent my entire childhood and adolescence in the Dark Ages when things were more dangerous and unnatural than you might think. However, prior to that, I had no idea where pharmacies were based or where the drugs were dispensed in. It was scary and disorienting at the same time.

With all the scary things I saw and experienced in the Dark Ages, I gave the drug store a try. I suspected that they were a scam, but I didn’t have to look anything up since the company has a brief history of providing good service in the past.

There are many unscrupulous pharmacies online and it’s very easy to spot a fake pharmacy when you browse for one. This shop was one of them.

I didn’t have to look closely at this store to know that they were making a drug which could impair concentration and make you more likely to commit crimes.

I can’t help but wonder if the company behind this store were to have been able to get some business by now. I would have liked to have known more about their business before making an online purchase.

Clear sky pharmacy was a pharmacy store which had their physical address in California on their site and had a service entrance in the front yard of a Motel 6 in a quiet residential neighborhood of North Hollywood in Los Angeles County, California.

Clear Sky Pharmacy Reviews 2021

These factors are not only characteristic of a suspicious website. They are also typical of many other websites that are not reputable.

I am also of the view that it is not safe to buy drugs from this pharmacy. The site does not have any FDA approval. This means that they are operating from a non-FDA approved pharmacy. Furthermore, the site is not licensed by the Canadian association PharmacyChecker.

Product Pricing

There are a lot of different products on offer from this store including anti-allergies, insect killers, skin care aids, and many more.

However, the most popular product is their all-inclusive prescription drug plan which gives you access to all the products they sell. This plan also comes with some big savings as the cost of their generic versions are much more expensive than the branded ones.

This store is secure and users have two ways to contact them. The first way is through 888 528 4928. They also have a toll-free UK number that you can use.

You can also place an online order from this pharmacy website with their Facebook and Google Plus experience. All customers need to do is fill out the required information.

Clear Sky Pharmacy
Clear Sky Pharmacy

  1. Trackable Courier
  2. Registered Post

Some other options are an Express Courier Service for $55.56 and a USPS First Class Mail for $9.95. You can also apply for a tracking order which will take about two weeks.

You can find testimonials in the website of this drugstore. They appear to be genuine but we must confirm this as this is a very new website.

  1. Mark is from the USA. He agreed with other feedback members that the company was reliable. They had customer service from several countries with the US being the most popular. He also expressed his appreciation for receiving his package on time. He writes:
  2. Lisa is from Germany. She is only 21 years old and says they are 'highly' recommended by her friends. She also thanked the customer service team for assisting her accordingly. She states that she made a reservation for twelve months with a booking being made through a third party agency. She writes:
  3. Elizabeth, a customer who wishes to remain anonymous, said that they had a great experience with the company. The store had their own home page on the site, although there was no email or phone support when we tried to contact them. She wrote:

Business Contact Details

If your contact details in the database are incorrect and you receive an error when you try to contact the pharmacy, it may be because you have not paid your order or the pharmacy’s order is missing from the warehouse.

If your credit card is being used fraudulently, the pharmacy can be a dangerous website as they can send you spam emails without your prior knowledge.

To conclude, we can say that while Erectile Dysfunction is a rare condition, it is still changeable. The drugstore is known for offering special offers and coupons, however, many of these coupons are not applicable to everyone.

The company also offers insurance as a contractually guaranteed service. For more protection, clear sky pharmacy recommends that customers seek the services of a licensed physician before ordering ED drugs from the store.

This pharmacy can be contacted through their “contact us” form or by calling them at 866 362 5239.

Have you tried checking if a certain online pharmacy is legit or not by checking if they have a license and have an in-house doctor? Or can you check a website’s license and certification history on the Inquirer’s

This site has been reviewed. We can tell from the customer reviews that they are not fake. There is also no evidence that the drugs that the pharmacy sells have been manufactured by any pharmaceutical company that can access the internet.

Domain Information

The company has not provided much information about their domain. They are using a domain privacy service to hide their contact information and other sensitive details.

The pharmacy has not provided much information about themselves either. They do not have a website, they only have a contact number and email. The email address they use is not very efficient, they are using a spam service to send spam emails. It is important to review these details carefully before you make a purchase.

The company tries to be transparent about where they are located and what they offer. However, you should always verify these details before making a purchase. For example, their main office is listed as being based in Canada, however, this is not a genuine site. They are using a fake domiciliary company to hide their true location.

Clear Sky Pharmacy
Clear Sky Pharmacy

The company does not provide any certification to show they are using a valid business license. This is a major red flag as it means that they are not following the rules which should be valid for the use of online pharmacies.

For example, they do not have a license for selling a drug issued by any regulatory bodies. This is a huge red flag as they need to provide a valid business license to sell their drugs.

The site is being run by a business which is attempting to protect their customers and it has a valid license.

  1. Deposits from
  2. Checks from
  3. Money Orders from.

If you choose to pay using their credit card they will ask for a payment confirmation before shipping the drugs.

This company does not have any testimonials online, this means that you need to check their site from a reputable platform for their customer feedback. You can check the reviews on TrustPilot and Scamner on the same day.

Medications Offered

We are also not sure if the express shipping is also available in the United States. They just sent an email to the US customers explaining that they have an extra 10 days before shipping is available there. Shipping to other countries could take longer than expected.

This is where things get really frustrating and unsatisfactory. The website claims to be a US-based pharmacy. They claim to be licensed with the NABP, but they do not give any other affiliation like that. We also find it odd that they are using a domain privacy service to hide their identity. Are there any other pharmacies using this tactic as well?

It is difficult to take a drug store like clear sky pharmacy seriously when there are so many other online pharmacies claiming to be legit. Their “About Us section is very vague and misleading.

We also find it odd that they are using a domain privacy service to hide their identity as well. Something that clearly suggests another pharmacy.

Bottom Line is a pharmacy that claims to operate from Canada, although there is no evidence to support this claim. They have a website that looks legit but the materials that it is using clearly aren’t.

I have a problem with a pharmacy claiming to be in Canada while making unsubstantiated claims of being a Canadian business. They have a zero rating from and I don’t trust them at all. They are operating from a different country than Canada which is illegal and will put their customers lives in great danger.

I did some digging around and I found out that it is because it has a unique online presence. Preferably, my queries will be answered with a detailed response. Instead of waiting for a response from the store, I decided to see if they have a FAQ section. This is something they do regularly where they have their question answered by a professional.

The reviews are not all positive. A recent customer review gave it a 1 out of 5 stars rating. The customer called it the worst pharmacy he has ever dealt with and called the store unreliable.