Cosmic Noo Tropic Review – How To Know If Your Online Pharmacy Is Legitimate

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Cosmic Noo Tropic Review – How To Know If Your Online Pharmacy Is Legitimate

Cosmic noo tropic is a domain that has been active for close to 10 years. The owner has chosen to hide their identity, although several domain privacy service companies are attempting to mask their real identity. It is often difficult to determine the authenticity of the pharmacies that are active for so long, especially those that have a wide variety of medications in stock. This is the case with this drugstore, as it does not even have a verified presence on the internet. Http://www.pharmacychecker.

According to recent statistics, there are about 2 million internet stores on This is an increase of about 300,000 stores from the previous year, a trend that has been attributed to the internet being more and more popular in the healthcare industry.

According to, there are currently no suspicious online pharmacies operating in the US. This is good news for consumers who are looking for a legit store to buy medications from.

Cosmic Noo Tropic Coupon Codes

The pharmacy is in violation of medical marijuana regulations in several states. This results in the pharmacy not being approved by the majority of states that have licensing laws.

The pharmacy also has licensed independent pharmacists as well as certified pharmaceutical suppliers.

They offer generic and brand-name pills for different medical uses. All of their products are manufactured and dispatched from Canada. You can expect the delivery time to vary based on your location.

For example, they claimed to offer generic Viagra (Viagra Professional) for only $0.65 per pill. However, this drug is very expensive and orders exceeding $200 are eligible for free shipping.

The shop accepts all major Credit and debit card methods. They accept all major insurance methods as well such as ACH, MasterCard, and SunTrust.

Shipping is very affordable and can take as little as 3 weeks for a charge of $9.95. However, if the package is delayed, you can ask for refunds or replacements.

Canadian Pharmacy Canada has a testimonials page that is full of glowing reviews from their customers from all over the world. The comments seem genuine and authentic. What we want to find out though is if these testimonials are true or not.

Furthermore, the pharmacy doesn’t have a license to operate in the state of Ontario, Canada. Scamadviser isn’t an unbiased website that is claiming to have a 500% trust rate on their platform.

To conclude, we really believe that the prices of medicines from this pharmacy are amazingly low and they are probably linked to each other. They also don’t offer very much information about where the drugs are dispatched from.

Mirror Sites

I've established that the claims of this pharmacy are not true. There is no evidence to support them whatsoever. I'm also not a huge fan of buying drugs online, but I've come to accept the fact that the prices of the drugs are low enough to get the point. I don't believe that pills are actually purchased, but it's a big enough risk as I don't know else where to buy. I like to shop at sites that have a long history of selling quality products and the long run of quality orders that they have.

Cosmic noo tropic supports the use of Credit Cards. You can get a prescription from your doctor to use their service. You can also get a Quote from this site if you need their help for a problem with your credit card. They also offer clinical consultation, writing sample, and bulk discounts.

They offer Trusted Unscam advice and support team to help you through any concerns related to the scam. They have a mailing address, phone, and fax. They also provide a live chat option.

The shop has been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy on This means that they have not been following the standards set in order to be considered a legitimate pharmacy. However, they are still operating as a legit pharmacy, just like they have been since 2012.

Cosmic Noo Tropic
Cosmic Noo Tropic

Legal Approval

They are also certified by LegitScript and have the requisite licenses and certifications from various regulatory agencies.

This pharmacy offers both brand-name and generic pills. Their prices are very competitive with other online pharmacies and they do not impose any restrictions on who can sell Rx meds in their store.

This pharmacy accepts Visa and MasterCard as payment options. They offer a higher standard global shipping rate of $12.95 which is slightly higher than other pharmacies.

As you can see, is a legit pharmacy. They have a valid license and they are certified by a number of agencies. They need less than a month of operations before they will be legit. They also offer exact replicas of these drugs to help you decide if they are worth your while using them.

Cosmic noo tropic is an online pharmacy that claims to offer discreet products. On their homepage, they have a video that they say is from them. The customer reviews are generally good, but there are some who have experienced them being sloppy and lying. They also say that they are a Canadian business. We investigate these claims, trying to find out if they are accurate.

Registered domain name registrar right now as they say they are a Canadian business. However, it seems likely that this is a fake name.

If it is a Canadian business we might expect them to be members of CIPA since this is a Canadian-owned website.

Congratulations to be found on their website. They describe it as a platform they are using to help people in the world to better manage their health.

Cosmic Noo Tropic Testimonials

I tried to find a testimonial page for the pharmacy but it did not seem to be located on a certain vendor's website. There were no reviews available for the site and it was difficult to discern whether Yelp was a real-time reviewer of the site or whether the service bots were submitting fake customer reviews to try to gain popularity and garner more business.

I have never really been a fan of discounts and I would have hated if I had found this.

This website was created in 2007 and has been doing business under various names ever since. It has a wide range of medical products for various uses that are mostly generic drugs. They sell it at very reasonable prices. Currently, the drug store is offered with a one-off offer of a discount of up to 30% on all their treatments.

Cosmic noo tropic have the highest quality meds that provide the optimum results for the patients that are prescribing them. They have branded products as well which are made by the same pharmaceutical companies. They offer branded Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Kamagra for up to $99. Customers are also given free samples of their products as they are a really large number.

  • Eye drops
  • Hair loss
  • Anabolic steroid
  • Blood pressure
  • Antibiotics
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health related factors

The prices of their branded products are paltry compared to their generic meds. Generic meds are cheap.

Regulatory Approvals

This online pharmacy is part of the LegitScript logo, as well as the HIPPA regulatory body in the United States. This means that it meets all the verification requirements set out by

The company also has certification, which means that it is operating within the law. This also shows that the company is not breaking any laws.

Cosmic Noo Tropic Bottom Line
Cosmic Noo Tropic Bottom Line

The company is known for selling both generic and brand-name medications, which is a good sign of a reliable business.

This pharmacy does not require its customers to have a prescription in order to purchase drugs, however. This is a common practice of many rogue pharmacies.

This online drugstore is giving away a promotion for their customers to try. They are offering an 8% discount on all re-shipments, and free shipped medications.

For the perfect display of your business, offers several ways for its customers to purchase. This includes using a credit card, debit card, and a bank transfer.

The company also offers to waive the shipping fee for its customers if they order medications over $200.

We have found has plenty of customer support options for its customers. They have phone and email support available for their US and UK customers.

You can also fill their prescription online using their prescription form in case you have not received it.

A number of customers have received their orders from, none of the reviews have been posted before. This is a big sign that this pharmacy is a rogue.

This business seems to be running a scam. They do not have any regulation, with the U S FDA not even aware of their existence.

This pharmacy is an online pharmacy that offers quality pills at very low prices. They claim that they offer the lowest prices on the web. We review this store only to find out that there are many problems with this store.

Domain Name records show that this website address was only created in February 2018. They are also using a domain privacy service to hide their true ownership and location.

We don’t believe that this is a good sign as it suggests that they are not making sure they give a genuine business name.

This pharmacy is using a modern designed website that is easy to use. The site includes a search box to make it easier for the public.

Bottom Line has a lot to offer. It has a wide selection of products for different use cases. The prices are low and affordable and you can depend on their customer service team for providing fast and reliable replies if you have any queries regarding the pharmacy’s services. I am awarding this shop 3 out of 5 stars due to the difficulties of rating it. If you are planning to purchase their products from this pharmacy, you need to do more research and make sure that you get a real-time response from the customer support team.

Cosmic noo tropic is an online pharmacy that offers high-quality meds for sale. The company started operating its business in 2013. By then, more than 100 international pharmacies had already made their storefronts in the city.

This site makes its drugs and medical supplies available to customers from different parts of the globe. The company has established a world-wide network of dispensaries and is a trusted vendor for all of their meds.