Cure X A Reviews – Unexpired

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Cure X A Reviews – Unexpired

Cure x a is a rogue online pharmacy with no credibility to speak of. The company has been operating for seven years. It has been listed as a Rogue pharmacy by LegitScript and is also a high-risk website. It is therefore not suitable for serious medical use. From what we have already found out about this shop, it is clear to us that you should not consider themselves to be secure when it comes to safe purchasing of drugs.

There are a lot of offers available in this pharmacy store. They are giving you discounts of up to 60% on all products. You can spend your hundred dollars in this store and still get some extra pills and free shipping. These are really generous offers and you would expect more from a company which has been around for seven years.

If you spend $200 in one package, you will receive a free second delivery from the store. However, you have to spend another $200 for the same delivery.

To conclude, offers a lot of promises. They say that they are Canadian based and have been acting responsibly in dealing with the issues of imported drugs. However, we have also found that there are some suspicious dealings going on with the company which could mean they are not safe for use.

Shopping for drugs can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Since there is a lot of online pharmacies to choose from, it is very difficult to weed out the bad ones from the good ones. This can be done with the help of a website called Scamadviser.

Scamadviser has identified a problem with the domain name of the pharmacy. It is currently registered and running by a Ukrainian company called Kapustin. The company is registered to another address in the United States.

It is clear that this pharmacy is not in the best interest of their customers. They are using strange and suspicious methods when it comes to their business. We suspect their real identity is safe and neutral. However, it is not known if they are authorized to operate and dispense drugs from this company.

Readers may expect cheap prices for the generic drugs. While the standard price is around $1 per pill, you can consider ordering a few extra pills for as low as $3. The pharmacy accepts payments through all major credit cards. Their most popular credit card is Discover but you can also use MasterCard and Visa. They promise to make every effort to get back to you within a week. All you have to do is call them at 1-800 431 0222 for general enquiries and 45-678 523 8888 for order status.

Cure X A Coupons

We were able to find no discount offers on their site but they are offering a limited time offer where they are giving one gift certificate for every first order.

They also offer new customers special offers on every product and free shipping for orders greater than $200.

Cure X A Coupons
Cure X A Coupons

This drugstore is offering a lot of promises including the promise of excellence and the objectivity of this site. However, we have been able to find no reviews or testimonials from other independent review websites about this drugstore.

We give them the low rating of 3.2 stars from a combined analysis of and

Due to the very few reviews we found about this drugstore, we believe that they will only get more customers which will increase their chances of survival.

This website is using a domain privacy service to make sure the private information of the owner’s, the pharmacy, are not disclosed publicly. They claim to be a Canadian business and they are protected by SSL certificates, secure sockets layer certificates, which are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They don’t have a privacy policy in place that you can obtain from the pharmacy.

In the footer section of this pharmacy site, they give an address in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. However, when we checked this address we find it to be an unregistered mail forwarding service location.

This pharmacy site is using the name Healthworld since they say that Healthworld is an internationally approved pharmacy.

They don’t require a prescription form when ordering for their drugs. They just require that you complete and submit the order form.

Cure X A Reviews 2021

Although the name of the pharmacy is not available, we can confirm that the domain has been in use by the business for another 10 years. The domain that is not online is for another business that we are unaware of.

Even though the pharmacy has been operating for more than 10 years, we still can confirm that it is a scam. They may only be using a fake name to deceive their customers, but we still can’t trust them for sure. We highly disapprove of buying from this site and would not advise anyone to do it as the risk of you getting scammed is high.

The discount is for all orders that are placed on the site and not just the first order. They will also be giving you a 10% discount on all future purchases.

Legal Approvals
Legal Approvals

There has not been a single review that mentions the drugstore and it seems like this site is anonymous. Having never been approved by any regulatory bodies, they do not have the necessary licenses or certificates to sell their products online.

There is no mention of what operating company is using the pharmacy or where they are based or where the drugs are dispatched from. Their website is just a blank page that you can click and print out without spending any money.

Cure x a may only be operating on a small scale but they are only able to operate for a few months. There are many other online pharmacies that have the same website.

The domain for this pharmacy was registered on the 29th of March 2004 and the expiry date is set to the 15th of March 2004.

Legal Approvals

The office of the chief medical officer of Canada is in charge of the certification of Canadian pharmacies and other approved pharmacies. There is no mention of which national association this is affiliated with.

The company claims to offer brand and generic pills which are manufactured in Canada. They give a good impression but is it really a Canadian business? The association and the company deny any association with it.

There is also a potential conflict of interest when you look at their most recent registration with Pharmacy Checker which is supposed to be an independent verification. However, it is not.

This company has a page for their reviews. They are attached to the "Contacts" tab on the top left hand side of the site. They seem friendly and happy.

However, they do not have any customer testimonials. They claim to have "over 150,000" verified customers. This is a quite impressive number and could be because they are trying to convince people to buy from them.

They have a page for their "Sixth Annual Report" on the top left hand side of the site. This is a very good sign because it shows that previous customers are happy and satisfied with their service.

Cure X A Bottom
Cure X A Bottom

They have an option to upload the report to their website but this does not seem to be a much use for this information.

They also have a page for the "Sixth Annual Report" on their "Terms and Conditions" tab. They say that they are a Canadian company and this is protected.

They do have a lot of products to offer but there is only one treatment. They are regulated by the Canadian Association of Gambling and the College of Pharmacists of Ontario.

They use a third party company to process their payments which is safe. They have a store with a good selection of pills and brand name ED drugs. The store does not appear to be as safe as we might have been led to believe.

Bottom Line

It is important to maintain a clean house when working in the industry and these are the essential requirements for a legit business. It is very clear that the business behind the pharmacy store has been involved in fraud and misrepresentation of its actual operations. It is clear that there is more misconduct going on with the seller's site. Therefore, it needs to get a good reputation not just among its clients but among the online drug sellers too. Recommendation: Always consider companies with no real-world reviews as suspicious and avoid them at all costs.

From the information that we have been able to gather about this e-commerce pharmacy, we will have to give a rating of 1.2 stars out of 5.

Currently, the online pharmacy marketplace is offline. The store’s domain was first registered in March 2018 and it is now set to expire in 2019. There is no other information available about the time the domain expires. The takedown notice was sent to protect customer privacy.

The domain this website was created in 2001. The store sells both generic and branded pills. The site also makes the promise of providing you with the best prices and fast delivery.

The reviews do not seem to be genuine. We have also tried to check if the seller was indeed approved by the PillsVendor’s organization. If the PillsVendor approves a seller, it implies that the DrugsStore meets the minimum standards.

A quick check on the seller’s site also shows that most of the reviews have been posted on March 2018.

Do you know if this online seller is a legit one? We have found out that it is a pharmacy hosting a few sham reviews and also receiving a few visitors.

We have also found that the seller is using fake business details which is mentioned in the FAQ's section as well.