E Drugstore Review - Scam Can't Be Trusted

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E Drugstore Review - Scam Can't Be Trusted

E drugstore is a carefully constructed website that offers all kinds of drug products. It is also known as the "funnel of drugs" and it is one of the most dangerous drug importing websites on the web. Here are some of the things you may come to gain from using this store.

Not all online pharmacies are honest. The fact that you have to log in to use this site suggests that they are a rogue. This site is known for high-risk activities such as dealing in counterfeit items and sending fake orders. They also lack an SSL certificate which means that you cannot read the information sent to your mobile phone without data connection.

This site uses a template that is similar to others being used on the internet. It is unsafe for browsing and it may be used by criminals. As a result, the authors should not be trusted when it comes to buying drugs online.

One of the best things about this pharmacy is that they do not require any prescription when it comes to ordering. They offer a full array of products and the prices are low. All you need to do is look around or use an online search to find what they are offering. You may find drugs that are too expensive or not worth your while using this site.

There are a lot of online pharmacies on the internet selling low-quality generic drugs. Most of these pharmacies are doing it just to deceive the customers since they do not have the necessary licenses and efficacy testing to sell drugs online.

A pharmacy which is not approved by any regulatory agency or health agency and is sending out fake insurance claim.

This pharmacy has been flagged as rogue by LegitScript and it is not safe for buying drugs as it lacks the correct permissions and it seems to be operating from a high-risk country.

This online pharmacy does not have the proper licenses or certificates from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and other body.

Store Security

Despite the high price of drugs through this website, they maintain their server to deliver the medication from an unknown location. It can be done by entering a valid business or personal information, hiding your real name, and using a valid security certificate.

  • Credit cards
  • E-checks

You can find a customer service representative at the address below to get in contact with them. They have two phone numbers, +1–202–543-761‐2631 for US customers and +1–866–316-7726 for EU customers. This should give you some peace of mind during times of stress.

E Drugstore Coupon Codes
E Drugstore Coupon Codes

You can see a testimonial on the store’s website for customers who have had customer service issues. However, we do not have the time to check all of the testimonials available on the website to be sure they are authentic and not copied.

While this pharmacy is quite new, it has been approved by the FDA and the drugs are safe and effective. However, the fact that they do not have reviews or testimonials available shows they have not been able to receive as much as 5% of all their transactions.

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that claims to offer a high level of quality products and services. They insist on offering 24/7 customer support but there is no evidence that this is actually the case. We will find out if this claim is true in this article.

The domain name of this drug store was first registered on the 9th of May 2019 and last updated on the 4th of May 2016. This means that this site has been online for less than three years.

The domain has been in use for less then three years. Scam online pharmacies often have short lifespan and do not have such a long history as this site.

The web design of this pharmacy store is very similar to other online pharmacies who are offering the same type of pills. This means that the company behind the pharmacy is most likely operating illegally.

The company behind this store is using a Russian based company called Vadim Internet Pharmacy which is headquartered in Moscow in Russia. There is also a great possibility that this pharmacy is operated from a different country which we are yet to confirm.

They do not have a physical address of where they are based and not registered by anyone other than a contact form.

This pharmacy is not registered as a business by any regulatory authority which means that they do not have the legal approvals to sell their products online.

Furthermore, the company behind the pharmacy has hidden their actual contact details from the publicly available records. This is a serious concern as they do not provide an address of where they are located in Russia.

Business Contact Details

The company is not active after its registration date in 2005, despite the fact that it is almost a year old. It is therefore very likely that this company has not been operating since 2005.

E Drugstore Business Contact Details
E Drugstore Business Contact Details

There are no legal certifications in place from the moment they were registered as a business until they are no longer in operation. There is, however, an international registration.

The company is using a partner pharmacy which is a Pharmacy Checker certified pharmacy.

They claim to have pharmacy staff trained to deal correctly with legal prescriptions. This appears to be true.

This pharmacy offers a decent range of products, including generic pills. They accept the following:

  • Credit Cards
  • Money Orders
  • Shipping

The payment options appear to be the most common one being used by the company, though they do not operate without a prescription.

Shipping can take as little as 7 business days, though they only dispatch your order within Canada. It is not specified which country the shipment is coming from. They also have a partnership with Royal Pharmacy which means that orders are delivered to their customers from Canada.

There is something of a Live Support page for this store. They also have phone and fax support. The site is operating from Canada.

Even though this pharmacy is no longer up and running, they have a testimonial page for their former customers.

This company has been around for a while, selling generic pills online. They don’t offer a lot of information about themselves and what they offer other than that they sell quality pills.

They do have support and customer service team that is responsive and these are some of the things you would expect from a legit business. They also have a reputation for quality products.

E Drugstore Bottom Line
E Drugstore Bottom Line

E Drugstore Coupon Codes

If you are a current customer, then you can take advantage of a 30% off offer with a valid prescription prescription at no additional fee. The price is also tax-deductible and is much cheaper than the usual prices.

The shop was a pharmacy which purported to offer FDA approved drugs, branded and generic. This pharmacy used the 'USA Quality Assurance Standards' as its business name.

Since most online pharmacies are pretty transparent about where they are located and their real-world operation, I decided to check if there were any pharmacy websites that could nail it.

In terms of shipping, the website said they received their orders within 14 - 21 working days. If the orders exceeded that range, it said refunds were possible.

This drugstore had no reviews available on the site. There was no clear information about the website’s location. The only available information was the site’s testimonials which were, unsurprisingly, positive.

E drugstore had also posted a few hundred comments on its own website and on Facebook. There was no way for me to verify whether the comments were authentic or copied.

Bottom Line

There is not much difference between this pharmacy and other similar online drugstores. They have the same web posting, the same products on offer and they are all-owned by the same company. This points to the conclusion that this pharmacy is a scam.

Since it has been found that the domain name of this drugstore has been registered only for 5 years this service must be of poor quality.

From the evidence presented by LegitScript and Scamadviser, we can also say that this online drugstore is a rogue.

Another suspicious fact about this website is that they have been listed as a Rogue Pharmacy on Risk Advisor too.

The customer support team are very sweet to work with and offer a discount on future purchases. They can discount your order by up to 25% on the first order!

This drug store is one world wide pharmacy which is [sponsored] by the UK-based company, Pharmacy Checker. They offer a wide range of products and services to all their customers.