Generic Doctor Reviews - Conflicting Information

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Generic Doctor Reviews - Conflicting Information

Generic doctor is an online vendor that wants to give a befitting send-off to the customers dealing with them. The vendor has tried hard to appear more attractive than the other online sources easily recognizable by their “About Us” page, which is a typical advertisement for a pharmacy.

The vendor has tried hard in the past to make their site seem more user-friendly than other sites out there. They are using font sizes larger and bolder than the rest of the site, which is a good sign of a more reliable and safe seller.

There is a “contact us” form for Canadian customers, as well as a number of phone numbers to contact them. The domains finally got active for the first time since 2002, and this is great as it means that old vendors are still active and selling quality drugs.

“” is the drug store that supplies this store in its entirety, though it can be overwhelming for some.

Customers who are seeking a high-quality product or those who want to save a lot of money can opt for the “Canadian-World” drug store, which has the same wide range of generic and branded drugs as this store.

This online pharmacy is offering a 5% discount for all their products and services in Canada, and in addition, they are also giving you free pills on top of your order.

Additionally, they are giving you an increased chance of getting a discount if you order medicines from this pharmacy.

Online pharmacies need to be wary to avoid attracting this type of customer because it is all too easy to imitate them online. The other spoof sites that are available today were created by the scammers and have made them famous. The following are some of the common mistakes seen in the scam pharmacies:

  • Avoid this site entirely
  • Avoid this site altogether

The seller's name can be found on several online stores around the world, though there has been some fluctuation in the last couple of years.

Generic Doctor
Generic Doctor

The seller’s name and address can be found in Canada, though this may simply be an attempt to deceive as a large number of fake pharmacies are created in Canada.

With the number of fake pharmacies out there, it is a good idea to avoid this pharmacy completely. We give the drug store 0.9 out of 5.

Generic doctor is a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to offer high-quality products and superb customer service.

Generic Doctor Coupon Codes

Happy with the generous discounts they received from us, the drugstore have been able to add discount codes to their website and over in their FAQ page.

We haven’t been able to find any customer reviews for generic doctor, so that speaks volumes about the services they have offered.

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that has been operating since 2002, offering generic and branded pills along with a variety of drug categories. They have over 1,200 pharmacies across the world, with a wide range of products for various medical uses from A to Z.

We aren’t entirely convinced by the offers they have made it easy to use their online pharmacy, but it looks like there are a few issues with their site which could make them less trustworthy.

This shop is an online seller of generic and branded products, but they don’t provide much information about the business. They do provide a contact form, though they do need to fill in a few details for their customer service team to answer. They do claim to be a “secure and reliable pharmacy”, so it would be a good idea if they actually took their customer feedback seriously.

Despite having a good and diverse range of products, we feel that the best selling drugs are likely to be generic and your order can come to you cheaper than you think.

If you can only focus on getting the drugs you want, it will be harder to maintain your trust and have genuine drugs to sell.

Generic Doctor Coupon Codes
Generic Doctor Coupon Codes

If you are in the market for a new drug, it may be a good idea to search for a local pharmacy so you won’t get ripped.

We can’t help but feel that generic doctor may be a little cheap in comparison to other online pharmacies in the market. We have seen some generic and branded drugs sold by them at the cheapest price possible, though other generic pills are also available for only $1.

This site deals are also a little questionable, with some of their deals being really low and selling drugs that are not good for human consumption.

Aside from taking their customer feedback seriously, we also believe that they should be careful enough about their business not to be scammed.

Generic Doctor Reviews 2021

They do have a contact us page that they say is a good place to get in contact with them if you have any queries. They don’t have any license to operate or to sell their drugs.

Additionally, we have seen these claims elsewhere on the internet. Some of these sites are based in Canada.

There are also no reviews on the internet for this pharmacy website. There is no reason for it. This is despite them claiming to have over 400 pharmacy store locations across the globe.

They don’t have any feedback from customers on Trip Advisor or Scam Adviser. This is a huge red flag.

We also don’t have feedback from customers on Trip Advisor or Scam Adviser. However, the pharmacy has received feedback from other independent review platforms.

There are no coupon codes available for this pharmacy website at the moment. However, they are offering a good discount of up to 10% on all future orders.

Generic Doctor
Generic Doctor

Even if they claim to represent the best values, we just don’t know the truth behind their service and prices.

This can only buy you so many doubts and suspicions. It is more likely that they are a rogue and they don’t have a license to operate.

Generic doctor is a pharmacy that claims to sell high-quality pills at prices 80% cheaper than the other stores. They have a very impressive online presence with an almost five-year history of serving customers around the world. The drugs they sell are all FDA approved by the Indian and Pakistani regulatory authorities. This confirms that these drugs are safe for use and consumption. The store and the business has been of service to customers since 2010.

Generic Doctor Customer Service

The drug store is an online pharmacy that provides quality generic and branded medicines at reasonable prices. The platform also provides compassionate services for various illnesses and diseases. This review will give you an overview of the platform.

The domain record for this pharmacy shows us that it is very new to the market. This means that there is a significant amount of uncertainty surrounding this domain.

The primary physical address is 3rd party verification. There is no address and the company is using a Trade Facile Organization to hide their identity.

Bottom Line

Scam websites abound on the web today. It means that the chances are that you have come across some scam pharmacy at some point during your browsing. However, websites like scamadviser.comand provide useful ways to identify which online pharmacies are legitimate.

Generic drugstores exist in a wide variety of packaging styles that make them more practical to use. Some are available at affordable prices while others are selling expensive medications.

Some generic drugstores may have some reports from showing them with a high trust rating. However, this is not a guarantee of safety.

I strongly believe that this is a safe store to use for buying ED drugs. They have a great customer service team as well as having a wide range of products and a reasonably priced products. However, they have one glaring issue; some of the vendors have been scamming and stealing money from their customers.

I would rate them 4 out of 5 stars and recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable ED drugs.