Hey Doctor Review - A Rogue Online Pharmacy

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Hey Doctor Review - A Rogue Online Pharmacy

Hey doctor is a pharmacy that is not a member of any regulatory bodies or any other governmental agency. This means that they are operating as an illegal business.

It is not clear if they have a physical store or not but they do have a customer care agent that can be contacted via phone or email. However, we still believe that this pharmacy is a rogue as it is not meeting our approval as listed on LegitScript.com.

Furthermore, a comprehensive search on scamadviser.com shows that the hospital site has a very high trust rating. This means that the site is safe to use, particularly when making payments. However, we still believe that this is a rogue pharmacy.

The website has a professional looking site that is easy to use. However, we noticed that the website does not use a secure SSL certificate which is required for all online pharmacies.

The drugstore does not provide an address in the Czech Republic. In addition, the owner and business location code is an issue as it could be in Canada, Netherlands or any other country.

Although they claim to operate their business from a European country, we have found out that the website is merely using a fake Polish domain name.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of products that could be purchased from their website. They offer anti-allergy, antifungal, antibiotic and a few more.

It is a bit confusing when you first place an order but once you have it opened, you will find that it is simple. The website does not provide any additional information about where they are located or how they got to be an online pharmacy.

You can place your order using their online form. However, they only provide you a few options when you fill in the form.

This online pharmacy does not offer discounted prices and offers you the chance to win a discount if you order enough.

You also have the opportunity to use their coupon code that you can enter in the footer section of their site.

It is a common misconception that a pharmacy is only a cash to be paid using e-checks or a bank transfer. This is simply false.

As a business, they are offering to merge with two online pharmacies if you need a mail order. However, they do not offer you a refund or return of the drugs you have purchased.

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Company Info

The location of this online pharmacy is not clear, but it is likely that they are operating from the Czech Republic, however our search reveals that this is not the case.

The CIPA is the drug industry association that includes the US, Canada and other countries. It also sponsors events and has an online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs.

The FDA is also a member of the association and is required to carry out drug monitoring trials for all their members to be registered. They are also required to provide a valid business license for their members.

The pharmacy has a seal from Legit Script and are listed on Legit Script.com and so should be safe to use.

You need a valid prescription to order any drug that is manufactured, marketed or dispensed from this drug store. The pharmacy does not require a prescription to offer medical or dental care services for its members, which is a common practice of many other online pharmacies.

Hey Doctor
Hey Doctor

If you are looking to save some money, you can get a discounted price on this drug store by using their promo code. The discount amount is $30.

Shipping is very cheap, they only charge $10 for orders less than $300. Orders over $300 receive free shipping.

The pharmacy promises the fastest delivery possible with Express Shipping. They have a $5 shipping fee and delivery depends on location.

A lot of the drugstore reviews are posted on the Internet. Most of these testimonials are positive. The problem is that they are all taken from the same thing, a very personal blog.

Scam Analysis

There is only one online pharmacy that makes use of Pills-dot.com as their main business. They sell generic and brand name pills from the store. The store is not regulated by any regulatory or regulatory body. They also do not have a license to be an online seller of medicines. This puts them on the same level as a pharmacy that is not registered.

Since they sell all their drugs online, you do not require a prescription to order from them. However, it is strongly recommended to contact them before ordering from them for directions and support.

The offer of a 10% discount is amazing but you must enter your discount coupon code to take advantage of it.

  1. Airmail: $10
  2. Credit cards: You can use your credit card to pay for this drugstore.

A lot of reviews are available on the internet claiming to be from the website and its benefits. However, when we checked, there is no mention of the site's legitimacy. The testimonials do not seem genuine and are all written by the same person.

They seem scripted and copied from other websites that sell similar products. This shows that the pharmacy is not genuine.

Hey Doctor Customer Support

Unless you are a frequent user, you should not consider this website as a reliable one to use. The drugs that you want to purchase are not yet offered and they are going to be hard to place in your mailbox. Therefore, it is best to not take your business risk as it is not available right now.

This generic drugs store is very new so it is important to check the legitimacy of this site before you make a purchase. This drug store is available in both English and Spanish.

The fact that this name and location are hidden is also a major issue. This makes it hard if not impossible for customers to find out who is behind this company without going to scamadviser.

This website is a scam. On URL Void, there are currently no warnings about this pharmacy. Furthermore, a scam adviser analysis shows that it has a value of 1% on a scale of 3%.

On Scamadviser, this shop has been given a trust rating of 29% with an overall trust score of 95%.

Heydoctor.com is an online pharmacy that claims to be based in Canada. They say that they offer FDA approved drugs. We look at the websites to find out if they are correct.

This online pharmacy seems very organised and professional. They have a website that is very well laid out.

Just like any other well established pharmacy, this one has a contact page.

Prescription Policy

You do not need to have a prescription for online prescriptions. However, for prescription renewals, you must use their personal check or banker wire as well as a bank transfer to pay for your purchases.

Hey Doctor Prescription Policy
Hey Doctor Prescription Policy

We established that the prices of their generic meds are substantially lower than the (not the same as the) imported prices. This means that you save more in purchasing at Canadian-based pharmacies.

Hey doctor is a Canadian pharmacy that claims to offer 24/7 customer support. They also claim to provide Canadians a high-quality service. We dig deeper to discover if this pharmacy is really that reliable and what we have found so far.

Hey Doctor Information

There is no option to pay for their drugs apart from the standard shipping options. However, you are able to take advantage of their frequent shipping. This option is however not available for all orders and it requires a valid prescription from your doctor.

The fact that it has not been monitored strongly suggests that it is a scam. This proves that the site is not operating legally and it is not safe to use. It is strongly recommended not to transact any business with the pharmacy.

To conclude, this drug store is a pharmacy that is trying to deceive the customers by claiming to be a Canadian business. This is a common ploy used by scammers to gain popularity and gains control over the reputation of the site. Therefore, it is best to avoid all online pharmacies that do not follow the rules and guidelines set by them.

To sign up with this pharmacy, you need to first create an account on its site. Then, you can pay for your medicines using your credit card.

Scam Assessment

Our research shows that the site is most likely a scam. It is also risky to use; there is no way to fully vet the products or the company. This is why we advise you to stay away from this site.

The company is called Canadian Pharmacy Shop and it sells a wide range of drugs. They offer meds for impotence, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, and more. This company is based in Canada. They provide a full refund policy if you have an issue with your order. However, this is not a guarantee that your specific order will arrive intact and may even have problems if they ship your medication outside Canada.

This Canadian Pharmacy Shop claims to be a member of CIPA and IPABC. They also receive a seal from IPABC.

The pharmacy is not transparent about where the drugs are dispatched from and you do not know who dispatches them. This raises suspicion as to who is doing the dispensing.

You do not need a prescription to order drugs from this pharmacy website. However, it is strongly suggested that you see a licensed physician before starting a new drug therapy for impotence that has a treatment to prevent drug interaction.

  1. Mastercard
  2. Bank of America

The company claims to ship to Canada, The U.S. Virgin Islands, New Zealand and US and UK addresses. However, no specific information is given for the delivery.

This pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs, including medications, which are procured from various pharmaceutical companies.

Unfortunately, there are no testimonials available on the drugstore website itself. However, they have provided a link to the Facebook page of the company.

Bottom Line

There is also no evidence provided by them for their claims. There is no purchase history, and there is no social media account used by them.

Do not take the chance. They are just being deceitful and deceptive, and they do not even have a Facebook account. Just trust them based on what they have to say and on their experience with the company.

The site that hey doctor uses is called “Online Canada”. This online store has a website that looks legit and authentic and it has a lot of information about the company.

Heydoctor.com does not get as much customer feedback as the other online stores. It does not have a great reputation if they are doing this to protect their business.