Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy Could Be Risky

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Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy Could Be Risky

Hq pharmacy online 365 is an online pharmacy which claims to sell FDA approved medications. They also claim to provide condoms with every order. We have been able to verify these claims.

This site mainly sells men's health related medications. They guarantee a 50% price match guarantee and offer 24/7 customer support. On the home page of the website, we can’t find the location of the store. What’s more, they say they have an agent in the US but we cannot confirm if this is a real person.

Our investigation shows that the site is running from an anonymous server operated by a Russian based in the city of Moscow.

One of the great attractions of this online pharmacy is the huge incentive of 50% off your first order. If you decide to purchase from the store you can save a large amount of money.

When placing your order online there are two main risks. The first is the risk of identity theft. After checking, we have found out that only 3% of medicines purchased use stolen credit card information from a third party website. The other risk is of receiving fake products which cannot be trusted.

This site is an online pharmacy that claims to sell high-quality medications. They also claim to provide you with seamless online purchasing as they follow the same track as all other rogue pharmacies. We look into the details of this drugstore to find out if they are worth considering as they have a great deal of trustability and credibility.

We can see the domain name records show that this pharmacy was registered in 2000 with a short lifespan of about 5 years. They are also using the domain masking it from the public by using a privacy service to hide their real contact details.

When registering a domain name the owner of the site is required to provide a valid business license for the domain. We can also see that these records do not include an address of where the business is operated from.

The site is running on a modern and professional website with a color scheme that is reminiscent of other professional websites.

There are also lots of benefits that coming from this store including member discounts, special offer, and free shipping. The issue is that there is no contact information for the customer service team to reach out to.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Coupon Codes

Coupons are not yet available from hq pharmacy online 365 so buyers will have to go elsewhere for their savings.

In addition to the freebie, you also have the privilege of registering with them even though they haven’t advertised it. There are other special offers and discounts as well.

This website is a virtual pharmacy that sells medicines through the internet. They claim to have over 600 years of experience in the provision of high-quality services. They also claim to serve customers from the United States, Canada, and the UK. They don’t provide much information about how they operate their business.

I wanted to know what they sell and how it is different from other online pharmacies that are providing a similar product. They do provide a link to their website for consumers to learn more about their services.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365
Hq Pharmacy Online 365

I decided to view the this website reviews available on Google on its front page. I was very impressed with what I found.

The reviews are rather short but they give a very good summary of the customer service experience of this virtual pharmacy.

Martyn Wieners wrote his experience to say that he was very happy with the pills he received. He concluded his review by saying that he is now a satisfied customer.

The customer reviews are interesting but not conclusive. They don’t give a lot of information about the company that they are reviewing. They are also not very user-friendly so readers might have to search and find everything on their site.

Sure enough, I found that the only parts of the company that they are reviewing are “critical”. Responsibilities my mom was also mentioned as well as a real-time response team that responds to buyer queries.

I also wanted to know how the customer reviews of hqpharmacyonline365.com were being reviewed by their current and former customers. Well, they had an option to leave a comment during the inspection of this drug store for their safety.

They have an online pharmacist member and a member of the staff who supported them during their time of operation. They also got two thumbs up from the customer support team.

I am not sure if there is enough information available on the internet to fully evaluate the authenticity of the reviews.

Business Profile

The company is required to provide a valid prescription for its pills to be dispensed. This is done online using the dispensing page. However, we believe this is just an attempt to deceive potential buyers by claiming to be a US-based online pharmacy.

The company only needs to show a valid license from the relevant agency to be considered legitimate. This is done on the pharmacy store itself and on their affiliated sites.

Additionally, pharmacies that follow the correct rules and regulations are well-respected by their customers.

The company makes its pills available from retail outlets across the United States. These stores are located in the following states; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia.

  • Generic Viagra: $2.59 for 20 pills
  • Generic Cialis: $3.94 for 20 pills
  • Brand Viagra: $9.95 for 20 pills

Buyers can use their credit card on the website to purchase the pills. These payments are safe as they're made out to a US-based address.

Unreachable Customer Hotlines
Unreachable Customer Hotlines

Shipping is an option on the company website as well. This service is to be offered through International Unregistered Mail and it takes between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery.

There are a high number of reviews available on the website about this pharmacy website. The majority of the reviews are positive and overwhelmingly show that this is a reliable online pharmacy.

However, there are also a number of reviews about this company suggesting that they may not be reliable.

The majority of the reviews also seem to be copied from other online pharmacies like this one. This seems very likely to us considering the fact that they have received a large number of testimonials from other pharmacies. Nevertheless, we would still like to hear from the people who have actually used the site.

Product Pricing

When you register to use this pharmacy you will be given a cookie-cutter approach to your payment. The website accepts credit card payments only.

The pharmacy has a testimonial page that is full of testimonials from customers. Stuck on reviewing this site? No worries as hq pharmacy online 365 has an online form where you can fill out and send your feedback to the company. Here are the responses I got from their testimonials page:

John was absolutely pleased with the delivery of his order. He said that it arrived on time and that the delivery was much faster than anticipated. He also thanked the company for a job well done.

Julia was very happy and encouraged her customers to make it a successful trip. She thanked the shop for all of the great services they have done for her and her customers.

It is a shame to know that this company is now a threat because they didn't have a verified business identity before. I have become suspicious of the fact that they are using a fake business name. They also don't have a CIPA seal on the site and the drugstore is now listed as a rogue. I wouldn't buy from here again though because of all the problems that they have created.

The drugstore has a different website for each country of origin, as well as for their business. The store can also be contacted via phone. The store is European-based with its headquarters in Canada. A few weeks ago, they started operating an online pharmacy business in British Columbia, Canada.

The store accepts payments in the form of E-checks and bank transfers.

Unreachable Customer Hotlines

However, in the UK they only offer this service to their US customers. This may be because they want to be more transparent in the United States.

There is a lot of concerns from our experience which is why we have chosen to make this review public. We are not sure what to think about this company, what to do about it, whether to stay with them or not, why we should trust them, and even to what extent we should do business with them.

This pharmacy is a pharmacy that claims to offer a variety of medications but provides very little customer feedback, exposing them to more risks for scamming and fraudulent activities. Below is our review of the pharmacy, it should be noted that the company is not a verified buyer of drugs and websites and they do not have necessary approvals from various regulatory bodies.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365
Hq Pharmacy Online 365

The domain for this pharmacy website was first registered in 2016 and it is expected to expire in 2019. This is quite inconsistent with the fact that the company was registered for a brief period in 2016, this could be an indication that they had a botnet or were using a reverse proxy to hide their identity.

The company has many legitimate uses and uses of their domain which is why we need to see many more customer reviews on pharmacy.com to be 100% certain of their legitimacy.

The pharmacy website is a modern and professional looking website that is very easy to use. They have a live chat feature as well as a video calling feature.

However, there is just one major issue with the company, which is their use of a privacy service to hide who owns the website. This could imply that the website may not be 100% legitimate, based on what we have already discovered.

This drug store is part of a group of online pharmacies that are offering a wide range of products and services. They include the following companies:

Not all online pharmacies are certified by the government, however. Some are not operating within the law and some are engaging in deceptive business practices to deceive unsuspecting customers.

Hq Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews 2021

Deleted as it did not meet its record keeping requirements, as per whois.com. It was also found that the domain was registered on 2018-03-31. It means that the site has just been inactive for around 2 years.

The site is not registered by any public authorities and has not a single traceable customer. Thus, it is not a safe option for buying drugs.

It must be noted that it is not registered with NABP or any other renowned body. It is also not licensed to provide healthcare services online. Therefore, there is no other reliable source of their drugs.

Hq pharmacy online 365 is not registered by any regulatory authority. It is also not approved by any pharmacy checker. What this means is that your safety cannot be guaranteed. A potential buyer must first try ordering from another pharmacy to confirm their safety.

Check or money order. The store accepts credit card payments through VISA, MasterCard, and most bank transfer methods. You may also pay using a direct debit or a bank wire. You are only charged $30 for this shipping service.

Our search on Yelp didn’t yield any reviews for this site. It is therefore difficult to know about the quality of services provided by their drugstore.

They do not have any testimonials on their website. The testimonials page is completely blank and is therefore a big red flag. The drugstore does not have a live chat feature so it is not possible to get in contact with them directly.

Bottom Line

To conclude, I would say that this website is a trusted website that deserves a 5-star rating. It has a promising track record of delivering my orders and provides a great service. However, I think that we need more evidence to make a conclusion about it. I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

The store this shop is a virtual store which makes it very easy to place an order on any platform. It offers a lot of customs-friendly packaging as well. As a rule, online stores that are transparent and do not hide their details are perfect for placing orders.

This online pharmacy receives great reviews from its customers from all over the world. People seem relieved by the reviews they find on the website as well as the positive ones they found on its own site. The customers seem happy and satisfied with their experience, as they come to purchase from the company.