Mail My Prescriptions Review – A Scam That Should Be Avoided!

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Mail My Prescriptions Review – A Scam That Should Be Avoided!

Mail my prescriptions is a website that claims to offer a fast and convenient shopping experience, but it bears a judgmental mark on it. It is hard to believe in a source like this, coming from a reputable pharmacy which is basically unknown. Despite the fact that it is a Canadian business, a large part of their customers are from overseas.

There is a lot of suspicious activity going on with this pharmacy. It is safe to say that this is a rogue drug store, and they shouldn’t be trusted.

The domain has a long running history of nearly four years. This means that this pharmacy has been around since the year 2012, though they claim to have been around for over 5 years in their FAQ section.

As for who owns the site, there is no way to confirm this information. This is not a good sign and points to the pharmacy being a rogue.

There are a number of products that the store is offering. Their most popular products are men’s health pills, but the drugs are available to buy for all.

  • Adhesive Bags, these are used to stop the bleeding when taking antibiotics and sometimes during pregnancy.
  • Dry Eye Droplet, this is a medication that helps stop the issue of dry eyes.
  • Anti Viral, used to treat infections caused by bacteria.
  • Men’s Health Super Active Mask, used to help prevent infection caused by the men’s health pills.

There is only one payment method that is accepted on this store. This is to pay for the drugs using VISA and MasterCard.

The shop ships to almost all the countries in the world. Shipping takes up to 21 days depending on the country of destination.

A lot of reviews are available on the web, all of which are positive.

The reviews are not quite as positive as the first picture, however. This is because the person behind the site is using a fake name, which makes it very difficult to verify.

Interestingly enough, though, some of the negative testimonials are very similar to one another. This means that the testimonials are not genuine.

Mail My Prescriptions Coupon Codes

I was able to see a few reviews on the internet about this drugstore from various sites. All of the reviews were from the USA and were written between 2015 and 2018.

Mail My Prescriptions
Mail My Prescriptions

The customer testimonials were just the beginning though, and instead of feeling sorry for the company, I wanted to be more pleased for their customer service.

Since the pharmacy is new to the internet, there is no way for me to determine its reputation. However, the website does have a reliability checker and a trustpilot page that are useful tools for the future.

Another review was posted on Trustpilot on 2001. It was from an anonymous buyer and was written in 2018. The review said that their order came from the pharmacy and that they were able to receive their order from mail my prescriptions.

On their website, they also offer a 7% off offer to new customers and a 20% reduction in their regular rates by using the coupon code A2PDKPKQ on every order.

This drug store is one of the many online pharmacies that are selling low priced drugs. All of them are operating from Canada. I was lucky enough to get ahold of this store via an affiliate who earned a commission from selling my products.

Business Location

The website claims to be genuine, as shown by the fact that it has been approved by the “Online Pharmacy Shield”. However, there is no evidence to support the claims from the website’s own website that the company is legitimate.

Furthermore, the company does not have a certified pharmacist onsite, and therefore, there is a possibility that customers could get poisoned by the company’s product.

The company claims that it has received certification from the American Board of Pharmacy, as well as from other regulatory bodies such as the NABP and Pharmacy Checker. However, no pharmacy could be certified if it has any part in it.

Not much information is available about this pharmacy, other than the fact that they offer both brand-name and generic pills. They also claim to sell “safe and effective medications”, which is interesting for a website that claims to be a pharmacy.

Currently, there is a coupon available on this store for $10. If you spend $200 you get a free generic product that comes with every purchase.

Pharmacy Checker’s online pharmacy is secured using a valid SSL certificate to ensure that your sensitive details can’t be accessed by malicious websites.

Shipping is free on orders over $200. However, you must pay the shipping fee upfront to avoid any damage to your order.

Mail My Prescriptions Coupon Codes
Mail My Prescriptions Coupon Codes

The company presents a testimonial page, with a few reviews written by other customers. Unfortunately, none of the testimonials are positive.

The reviews are from the website’s website, which is clearly fake. The fact that they do not have an SSL certificate means that you can’t trust them when it comes to your health.

This pharmacy is obviously trying to deceive the customers and is probably looking to steal money from you when you shop from their site.

They also have a reputation for being shady and possibly being involved in cross-border smuggling and smuggling drugs, which is why they want to mislead you. They do not have any licensed pharmacist to provide advice and testimonials online.

Furthermore, we do not recommend this pharmacy to you as they only provide a fake medical certificate.

Company Name

The store is located in the Pahrump Tribe Reservation, located on the banks of the Potomac River in Virginia, in the United States. I'm sure that they have a security team that works through the weekends to keep customers safe.

Additionally, the store is open 365 days a year. This means that if you shop at the store until 7:30 in the morning, you will still receive your order.

The domain was registered in 2007, which seems fairly long. It was also renewed in 2007. I like to spot a clean bill of health so I go looking for a more recent pharmacy.

The pharmacy is owned by the Potomac River Merchants Association, Inc. Which is a nonprofit organization that promotes the health benefits of the community. The organization is based at 2009 14th Street NW in Washington, DC.

The organization also works to increase the use of electronic prescriptions in medicine prescriptions.

The Potomac River Merchants Association is also a member of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. On their website, they claim that the organization is one of the few in the nation that offer safe and reliable service to its customers.

The group also has a seal from the US Department of Health and Human Services on their store. The seal says WSU, which stands for Washington State University in the United States.

Company Name
Company Name

The store has a wide array of medications available for payment. They offer pricing similar to other online drugstores.

You do need to have a prescription to order at this pharmacy site. The store is licensed by the WSU Health Department.

Delivery is very cheap at this pharmacy site. They only offer one shipping option. This is the fast. Free shipping is only offered to orders over $300.

Payment methods accepted at this pharmacy site include credit cards from the following companies: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and Dime.

Here are some customer testimonials for First, we have comments from customers who ordered their pills from the store.

Bottom Line

I am glad that the shop truly exists. There are certain downsides to it, however. My main complaint is the lack of reviews for it online pharmacy.

I would advise anyone who is in need of a pharmacy to consider other options for getting their prescription refill. My experience was just one of the many I have had to share about mail my prescriptions. I would give it a chance if only because it is a very real option to get medication without spending too much money.

I am rating the pharmacy 3 out of 5 stars for it being hard to navigate the site and it being difficult to find information. is a drugstore website that claims to offer 24/7 customer support for some of the pharmacy websites in the industry. This online store claims to ship orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning that orders are processed and shipped on a matter of minutes. However, I was unable to find any information about Etsy and found out that the store does not have a live chat.

For their allergy medicine, their ED pills come with labels that say to take medication with as much as 30 days since it contains ED ingredients.

The website claims to have a worldwide shipping while the site only ships to certain countries. However, there is no information about the exact location of the store, only that it is located in the United States.

Mail my prescriptions is not yet listed on the internet pharmacies and compounding pharmacies alike. This means that it is almost completely unknown to potential customers.

The only data that I could find coming to my knowledge are testimonials in the reviews section below the website.

Personally, I prefer websites with independent testimonials since they give a greater chance of receiving customer reviews. However, it does not mean that online stores are an unreliable place to purchase from.

This shop is considered a trustworthy online pharmacy that has good promotion. It has also been considered safe as it only uses a certified third-party company while other online pharmacies use multiple exclusive deals that are not all genuine.