Med Express Rx Review – A Suspicious Supplier Of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

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Med Express Rx Review – A Suspicious Supplier Of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Med express rx is an American online pharmacy that sells medications free of charge. They are operating from the United States and they have a worldwide store that they subcontract with. The store is located in New York City.

  • Well, they do not require a prescription when ordering so long as you are also ordering from them. No prescription is required by any other pharmacy to purchase drugs, giving you the freedom to buy whatever medical product you want.
  • They accept Visa and MasterCard, making it seamless and convenient for the customers. They accept both OTC drugs and prescription drugs.
  • They offer a money back guarantee for any reason or no suggestions for prompt payments.

I am a little skeptical about the fact that this drug store has phony reviews for their fake customer support team. Maybe when you are trying new companies you will expect a little suspicious, but it never happens.

Med Express Rx Reviews & Testimonials

Med express rx is operating without a license and is operating in an unapproved manner. Their domain is only a few weeks old so it may not be worth your trust. Their website does not have a valid SSL certificate which is required by many online pharmacies to protect your personal and card information.

This means that the information that you provide could have been compromised and you could lose your money.

The free items include generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. This is very affordable compared to other online drugstores.

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Canada is not a rogue pharmaceutical agency. On the contrary, most of the rogue pharmacies are operating from legitimate agencies. This means that they are abiding by the law and don’t contravene any rules and regulations.

On the contrary, Canada has been named as a high-risk country for the further purchase of drugs online. These are some of the recent findings of Pharmacy Checker.

Canada is just a number to be avoided at all cost. It has a very low trust rate and this may be a deliberate ploy by the government to create an image of a rogue agency.

This drugstore only exists to lure potential clients who are not sure about any one other. From the above, it is clear that this pharmacy is only trying to deceive the consumers, which is not a prudent move.

They are also using fake reviews which shows just how deceptive this pharmacy is. The lack of approval is an obvious red flag and should be a warning to any potential buyers.

Med Express Rx
Med Express Rx

Med Express Rx Payment Options

Furthermore, some online pharmacies do not require customers to provide a valid key for their system.

Order delivery is via Airmail or EMS. Airmail shipping is free on orders over $200. Orders under this value are eligible for a free express shipping option.

This pharmacy does not have a fully answered question about their website. Therefore, you should plan to visit the help desk hotlines and the e-shop if you have further queries.

Several reviews are found online from other online platforms. Overall, the reviews are all positive.

Piter N. From Germany says that his experience with this company was great. He received his package just in time and says that the company was very helpful.

John P, from the US, says that he received his package on time. This confirms that this pharmacy is a reliable place to shop from.

The website is a US-based online pharmacy which promises to offer drugs of high quality at very friendly prices. This is great to the extent that they are able to provide drugs at affordable prices.

We have found many reasons to rate this drug store a 4.9 out of 5.0. We know that they are using an algorithm which is not secure. They are running operation from a distance and this has caused a lot of problems. It is not safe and they need to go have a look at themselves before they could be trusted again.

MedExpressRx is an online pharmacy that offers low cost generics of antibiotics. They have been operating for 9 years. We examined the pharmacy website and found many problems that could have led to this review.

Mirror Site

There is no doubt that the company is a mirror of another, online pharmacy. This company claims to be online and listed its location as Canada. However, we discovered that the address they called Canada was just a fake address. In an attempt to smear their reputation, they even used a fake domain that they gave as the domain owner.

The company does not carry any certification or approval from a Canadian agency or organization. This finding is alarming because regulatory approval has a function in coordinating the medical treatment of a client with a doctor.

They do not have a CIPA seal on their site which shows that they have been verified and approved by CIPA. They also have no Certifications from other Canadian associations or organizations.

Med Express Rx
Med Express Rx

The company sells a wide range of generic pills for different diseases and conditions. They offer meds for both men and women. They also offer a few generic products to make it easier to place your order.

  • Generic Viagra, $0.77 per pill. This product goes for $1.60.
  • Generic Cialis, $1.91 per pill. This product goes for $2.12.
  • Generic Levitra, $2.67 per pill. This product goes for $2.84.

The store does not require a valid prescription to place an order. However, they do believe that it is important that you seek professional medical advice before using any product.

  • Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard)
  • Checks (Bank and N. Bank)
  • Check payments (Bank and N. Bank)

Shipping is free if you spend over $200. You can also pay using a courier service. This costs $150 for delivery.

While this store appears to be legit, the fact that they do not have genuine feedback and testimonials to show they are genuine consumers is enough to call them a rogue pharmacy.

Med Express Rx Pricing

There is a huge difference between the real-world prices of generic medicines and the inflated prices of the brands. This is because brand-name meds are available much cheaper compared to generic meds because of the restrictions for trademark and patent protection.

A fake online pharmacy is one with a genuine store and feels like a genuine pharmacy. However, they are linked to other sites, as well as being a rogue operation.

The delivery timeline varies depending on the location of your order and the country of destination, but it’s usually much quicker than the average delivery timeframe.

Bottom Line

If, however, they do have suspicious activity, you should seek a legal opinion from a licensed doctor before you proceed with the transaction.

An online pharmacy with a great reputation is safe to do business with. What is more, it has been approved and certified by several regulatory authorities.

But, due to the unstable and sometimes suspicious services that this online pharmacy offers, all ratings are present on these agencies.

This website is one of the best online pharmacies to choose from. Its services are reliable and safe. All the reviews that it has received are 100% positive. Due to this reason, this pharmacy is awarded a 4.2 out 5-rating.

The shop has a lot of promise. It promises fast delivery, which is great, especially for orders over $50. They also promise FDA approval for their generic drugs. The site also promises flexibility and peace of mind for their customers. I have a suspicion that from this site, they are actually scamming people. I would, therefore, give them a rating of 1 out 5.