Meds Engage Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

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Meds Engage Review – A Rogue Online Pharmacy

Meds engage is a pharmacy that markets itself as being based in Canada. They claim to sell generic drugs at prices 40% lower than the local pharmacy price. They also promise free shipping if you make 1 order. I look at these claims and more and more doubt.

This ghost website seems to be affiliated with several other rogue online pharmacies with unverified customer reviews. I do not know if these other pharmacies are owned by the same person or operated by a larger organization, but something does not add up.

This review is from a former customer who was not happy with any service they received and might have been the cause of their termination. They have since moved to another site that has a good reputation. I like the fact that there are only a few negative reviews with a lot of positive.

This pharmacy has a legit and valid business license that shows their long service history and that they are a legitimate business. They say that they sell quality drugs online but they also do so at the lowest price possible. I am not sure about whether their products are FDA approved or not.

I have seen this information all over the internet and it does not match the facts presented. It seems like they were given some form of specific information and this was added to the site based on that. It is hard to believe that something so simple can have such a huge effect on you.

This is definitely a fake review. It is very common on other rogue websites to post fake reviews to try and convince you to trust them.

They also claim that their pharmacy has a Certified B.S.A. And are licensed by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia.

This company has been close to being a scam for quite some time now when you look at their location, products and prices.

Meds Engage Regulatory Approval
Meds Engage Regulatory Approval


This drugstore is offering different promotions for its online customers such as discounted prices, limited time offers, and gift vouchers. They are also giving special discounts or coupons as shown below.

Calling all meds engage! If you want to save some bucks and don’t want to shell out for costly medicines, you can use the promo code offered by the pharmacy. It is a 5% offer and you will be given a 10% discount on your next order. You can also find other ways to save from the store on their website.

This drugstore is an online pharmacy that claims to offer a 24/7 customer support team but only offers an online consultation to help you decide if they are reliable or not. We carried out a detailed research and found out that although they claim to be a Canadian pharmacy, they are actually based in Pakistan, one of the countries that are suspected to be involved in the drug trade.

Meds engage is an online pharmacy that provides a range of medical services in an effort to improve the quality of their customers’ health. They provide a minimum of 6 months experience in providing these services and promise to always do their utmost to provide the highest quality. We look into the details of this pharmacy to find out if they are just as good as they claim to be.

Prescription Requirement / Pricing / Coupons

One of the perks of purchasing generic drugs from the site is free shipping. This offers great value to customers considering that they will have to pay a shipping fee for their orders.

Also, if a customer orders $300 in total order amount, they will be able to qualify for a 10% discount coupon.

I am really impressed with the fast delivery of my purchases and the customer service support that I received from the pharmacy. I am also amazed at the long reviews from the customers about the excellent quality of services provided by this store. The long feedbacks were proof enough that the pharmacy is still very popular and I must say that I will definitely be buying from them in the future.

I avoided the more obscure pharmacies because I want to buy from stores that my eyes are the least familiar with. I couldn't have a return and refund so I wouldn't want that.

Available Medications
Available Medications

I came to realize that there were no testimonials for MedsEngage. There is no obvious reason why these are not there.

Meds engage was also unavailable in the online pharmacy database so I couldn’t be sure if he is still active. The site does not provide information about their location. I couldn’t find where they are based either. The Canada-based customers have the advantage of being able to contact via phone and email.

With no reviews, it is hard to find something that could be objectively positive about this drug store. I don't know if they are really as good as they claim. There are also certain choices to make about the marketing that could add value to the customers.

The drugstore claims to offer FDA approved generic drugs and branded medications.

Available Medications

Verified internet pharmacies such as meds engage do not require a prescription when making payments for their customers. Buyers are able to use their credit cards freely and securely, regardless of whether they have consumer prescriptions or did not receive them from their physicians.

The website the site is a legit and reliable internet pharmacy that provides the cheapest prices with the best quality of drugs. It is offering zero-rated products to the customers since they do not sell drugs that are considered as low quality.

Is Piter Wahl the next Michael Phelps? Is the shop just another pharmaceutical scam? Or is it a genuine pharmaceutical store with a successful previous years? We will now assess each of these claims to ascertain if they are true or not.

The other thing that we noticed is that the domain has been registered using one registrar and they are using a privacy service to hide their identity. We suspect that the pharmacy might be operating from a high-risk country like China.

Meds Engage
Meds Engage

Piter Wahl is the founder and president of meds engage.

Regulatory Approval

No reviews are available on third-party review websites about this store. This means that this is a completely non-existent pharmacy website.

From the information that we have gathered about this internet pharmacy, we will have low trust ratings for it.

This drugstore is offering two types of discounts, such as their customers are eligible for a freebie coupon. Their prices are pretty cheap, and they offer a lot of products. All the drugs they sell are approved by the Indian FDA.

For their customer protection, they have made sure to add a 30% off discount voucher code to their website. Alternatively, they can make use of this offer for one additional customer.

Bottom Line

From our experience, we can say that the site is a rogue online pharmacy that does not have any legal approvals and has been actively working for years without any proof about their legitimacy.

Meds engage is a pharmacy which believes that it owns the intellectual property rights to the original medicines produced by individual pharmaceutical companies. However, we found out that this popular drugstore did not own the patent to the brand-name medications and was only borrowing from other online pharmacies for their use. We also discovered that the pharmacy has been selling generic drugs for over two decades, but is not a registered member of any regulatory authority. Considering all these facts, we can only give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

We found that on the website, there were very few coupon offers. This trend is very common with many rogue pharmacies. They do not have enough funds to be able to offer any genuine discount offers. They only want to deceive you and use your money to cheat.

There are also no offer codes on the website. Customers will need to create an account to take advantage of these offers.

We do not recommend this website to anyone and we strongly believe that you should look for a better option if you wish to purchase ED drugs.