Offshore Cheap Meds Review – Fake Pharmacy With Substandard Service

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Offshore Cheap Meds Review – Fake Pharmacy With Substandard Service

Offshore cheap meds is a very popular internet pharmacy that allows customers to save money by ordering medications. On their site, they claim to dispense 100% FDA approved medications for both men and women. This is great news for customers considering the fact that most online pharmacies fail to adhere to the 100% one-stop shopping guarantee. This is because they only sell certain types of drugs for highly specific reasons which are not adequately discussed.

I’ve tried searching for the website reviews online but their site experience was slighty positive. They do say that they have a live support team that is willing to answer questions 24/7 as well as their phone number, but it must be a mistake to place your order online at the site.

If you find fake reviews for a certain website, it implies that they are probably sending you fake drugs and this is definitely a risky website to do your transaction with.

It is also important to note that the reviews appear on the same website in different countries which shows that they might be working from a single operator.

Another thing that is peculiar is that this domain has a point of sale that is approximately 3.5m² square. This is a lot smaller than the advertised size of 15,000m². A lot of pharmacies don’t even have a store front and are only registered and operating from email.

Prescription Requirements

We can only offer approximately good riddance to our country's pharmacies that have already proven themselves by providing reliable services for their clients.

You can now choose to pay using credit card and debit card payments, which helps to reduce your costs since these transactions are safer than before.

  • Express mail is free, taking 2-3 weeks to arrive
  • Trackable courier is charged at $19.95 and has delivery in under 4 weeks
  • Courier service is free on delivery since it uses a trackable courier instead of an express mail service
  • Standard shipping is free with all orders, excluding the limited ones above $200.

Our research shows that offshore cheap meds is doing a lot of things right, such as providing reliable services for its clients and upholding their health. However, it is also important to consider that this is only one of the many things that they have discovered along the way; they also have information security concerns.

This site is one of the few websites that have the truth and accurate information about most medicines. Apart from the medicines they sell, they also offer credit card and insurance services.

In the year 2003, the trademarks of this domain have not yet been registered. This means that they have been operating legally for a very long time.

From our findings, it is very clear that the owners of this pharmacy are very happy and eager to get back to their legitimate activities.

Offshore Cheap Meds Reviews 2021
Offshore Cheap Meds Reviews 2021

There is also the fact that they have a verified real-time drug monitoring site that gives them exclusive access to all their customers.

Offshore Cheap Meds Coupon Codes

We haven’t yet found any coupon codes from this drug store, but offshore cheap meds has a lucrative offer in place.

  • $30 OFF your first order
  • $40 OFF your second order

If you find a good website, you will at least gain valuable feedback and customer feedback that will help you in making decisions about how to proceed with your online pharmacy. If a pharmacy is perceived as a scam or not, it can lead to you losing your entire order when it is later found that it was an online scam.

The pharmacy is a website that offers a lot of different products and services. They sell generic drugs at rock low prices and the drugs are easy to understand. When you qualify for prescription check-up from your local pharmacy it will cost you $299 which is a steep price that does not include any taxes and shipping fees.

This drug store offers different types of medication including Antibiotics, Allergies, Antivirals, Blood Pressure Regulators, Birth Control, Cancer drugs, Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility Agent, Fluoxetine, Food and Drug Administration, and General Pharmaceutical Sciences.

They are also offering some online consultation from their phone and live chat but you will need to register to join for free. They say that they have a contact form that you can fill out using their contact us page.

The reviews that this drugstore have gathered on their website are amazing and reflect the genuine experience of the customers.

We found a comment that says that the drugs worked. Another customer that has been through with order and payment says that he never had to wait long for his orders.

All three of these testimonials seem positive but do not really represent the honesty of the company.

We also found out that three reviews are only available on their website. They do not have testimonials on other independent websites that can be trusted.

Offshore Cheap Meds Reviews 2021 is an online pharmacy that claims to be world-famous. It claims to offer FDA approved drugs from various leading pharmaceutical companies including Aurochem Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Celgene, and Eli Lilly. They also claim to be world-renowned for their quality generic drugs. My next order is from a customer who says that the generic Viagra was cheaper than the branded one.

Offshore Cheap Meds Bottom Line
Offshore Cheap Meds Bottom Line

According to this online pharmacy, it is offering a 50% discount on your next purchase. So, if you buy $300 worth of Viagra you can get it for only $300. So, it is a win-win situation. I must admit that I was skeptical about the quality of their drugs but the prices they are offering are just too good to pass up.

The site has been a drugstore that is highly unethical to use. They have been advertising a 60% discount on your next purchase and they are even giving you free pills. However, they are also offering to rebate your purchase in the future.

So, I am awarding this site zero percent for their involvement in scam and fraudulent activities. I also suspect that the people behind this online pharmacy may not be happy with their performance and could be looking for a new store to purchase from.

Bottom Line

I think it’s safe to say that is an online pharmacy that does not get a lot of reviews due to how new it’s getting. It has a rediculously low trust rating on which means that an outside intervention is sometimes required when making a purchase. Hence it’s my recommendation that you choose another pharmacy or not to buy from offshore cheap meds.

A website was recently identified as OffshoreCheapMeds which is purported to be an online pharmacy. It has a website that is very similar to the many others that are similar only that it is a tad different.

Another thing about this site is that if you need to refill your prescription for any reason, you can make a purchase. This is not unlike other pharmacies while charging a premium while still being affordable. Further, since the medicines are all FDA approved, there’s no reason why they should not be.

The drug store has been in existence for over a year since its establishment in 2012. Due to the global nature of their business, they did not attempt to register this site as a website for a longer time.

The drug store does not exclude the possibility of lowering their prices by giving their customers discounts. They give you a wide array of treatments that range from generic to branded.

You can also avail of a discount of up to 45% if they have a certain stock in a certain date period.

They also boast of having a very wide array of medicines for various uses. This is a positive thing to say since most online pharmacies lack this feature.

I am rating offshore cheap meds 1 out of 5 stars. I think it is because of the large number of similarities to other online pharmacies and the fact that it is not clear whether these similarities are coincidental or not.

I do hope that they will add more generic medicines to their list of products in the future, but I would still use as a reference for the quality of their generic drugs.

The site is a drug store that has been in existence for over seven years. It is a Canadian pharmacy and it is work with a Canadian pharmaceutical organisation.