Online Pharmacies Canada (with A 0% Rating)

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Online Pharmacies Canada (with A 0% Rating)

Online pharmacies canada is a Canadian online pharmacy operating from Canada. They also have offices in the UK and Australia. They say that they’ve been in business for more than 13 years. We examine these claims in this article.

The company has not been registered for more than a decade, and we can see from the domain name records that this name was only registered in 2004. This is a major sign that it is a fake.

This website only has three websites, all located in Canada. Most likely, they are there to deceive customers and steal their personal or card information from them.

The pharmacies that we have found that claim to offer high-quality medication do not have the same problems as this store. They have a fully functional phone number and address. However, we are still of a belief that they are not genuine drugstores.

Another check on the Pharmacy Checker shows that this website is not a member of the NABP. This shows that they have followed a very risky strategy of selling low-quality, counterfeit drugs to their clients.

The pharmacy does not seem to offer any kind of a prescription if they need their customers to fill out an online form. They just want you to sign up to their mailing list.

This store accepts Credit Cards from a number of countries. You can place an online order from any of the following:

  • Canadian One Card
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • American Express
  • Western Union

Regulatory Approval

Pharmaceutical companies need to demonstrate that they have complied with the relevant laws, rules and regulations in the countries they operate in. These requirements are often referred to as 'Pharmacy Checker' sites.

Online Pharmacies Canada
Online Pharmacies Canada

This pharmacy offers various types of discount on their website, as well as special offers. The most popular offer is regular pills, which are sent in 12-24 months, and are usually around £4.25 a pill. This discount is due to the number of pills they sell.

They also offer 2-3 delivery options including Express Mail and Standard Airmail. Shipping is free when the total purchase is more than £200.

If you have some comments or concerns you can use their phone numbers and email. They also have a forum on their website.

They offer a free telephone consultation and are also happy to help resolve some of the issues emailed or faxed.

This pharmacy uses the Seal of Good Housekeeping to mark their site as an approved member of the profession. They also have a testimonials section from the people who have used their service.

The site also has a testimonial page from satisfied customers who have used the site for the last 3 years and will continue to do so.


We do not yet know the true cost of using this pharmacy website, but we do know that they offer several levels of guaranteed superior service. The fact that this site is using the Seal of Health and other health certifications clearly shows that they are legit.

This shop is an online pharmacy which claims to offer genuine products at low prices. They also claim to be a great partner to many Australian businesses.

Business Owners
Business Owners

Online Pharmacies Canada Coupon Codes

Besides the great prices they offer, they also offer some great discount offers for the clients to enjoy. If you buy below $80, you will be given free pills on every order you make. Secondly, when you order drugs over $200, you can also get free shipping and delivery.

Online pharmacies canada is one online pharmacy that aims to be the best one for selling quality generic medicines and also good quality prescription drugs. They offer a lot of drugs and they do it at a very affordable price.

I have a feeling that this drug store is going to go out of business pretty soon without having any trace and I really hope that they will stay anonymous and are gone before they get to that point.

As a prospective buyer, I was curious and could not fault the fact that they had a website with all of their information that the customer could access besides the shipping service. They have two phone numbers for the United States and the United Kingdom with an open line for international customers to contact them. This is great as sometimes there are phone lines that are unavailable so customers can still get in contact with the company.

As for feedback from the website, they only have a two week window to reply and I am interested to hear what they have to say.

As I was curious about the website’s status, I decided to check its status as a Canadian pharmacy on I have found that the site is not as common as it used to be and it has been flagged as a Rogue Pharmacy. Rogue means that it deceives the customers by using fake business details.

As a prospective buyer, I wanted to know if they are offering any discount deals for prospective customers.

Business Owners

This pharmacy site is operating in accordance with the laws and regulations that are in effect in the relevant jurisdiction.

They are also approved by Pharmacy Checker and the reviews that are included on this site is a very positive one.

Online Pharmacies Canada Coupon Codes
Online Pharmacies Canada Coupon Codes

This site requires a valid prescription from a registered doctor in Australia. This prescription must be sent to them in writing.

We haven’t been able to find a discount offer at this website other than discounts for existing customers.

This pharmacy website provides an offer of free phone and email support for all of their Australian customers. They also offer a call back service that is free to all customers.

This pharmacy website has been around for a few years now now. They have customer support team that is happy, friendly and helpful. However, because this is a new site, they are also looking to find new ways to make money.

The site is probably a fake drugstore website that is trying to make a name for themselves. We don’t know for sure if they are part of an illegal syndicate or they are just doing this to try and gain more popularity and more money.

While they are offering to provide a discount to new customers, they are also selling high priced medicines and it is not cheap.

Bottom Line

I am not entirely convinced that this shop is a legit business. I am still willing to award it a 1 out 5 stars rating for the reasons stated above. Although the “affiliate” label is misleading and does not mean that the business is providing quality services.

You must carefully consider the services that they provide before making a decision to purchase from them. I will say that I have not shopped at the drugstore yet as I am interested in finding the best online pharmacy that offers reliable services. I encourage you to conduct extra research first before shopping from them.

I checked the prices of these drugs on their home page and found the applicable charges and the generic drugs for sale.

The company has provided free shipping for the customers if they purchase 100mg of generic Viagra or Cialis. However, if the order will be over $300 for the same quantity of drugs, Shipping/Delivery is free.

I tried to put the shipping charges from the previous example and found out that they only charge $30 for the shipping.