Pharm Express Rx Review - A Scam

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Pharm Express Rx Review - A Scam

Pharm express rx is one of the few Canadian pharmacies that offer FDA approved medication. They also have a valid prescription issued by your local provincial or territorial health department. All the medications they sell are supplied from the United States. They do not ship to Canada due to its very strict laws. This is not the only reason why the drugstore is off the mark – there are a lot of problems that arise when you try to ship your drugs to a company based in Canada.

Jake, who is 22 years old, was happy to receive his package from this shop. He said that he had received it on time. He thanked them and thanked them sincerely for their service. He was also happy with the fact that he received his pills even if he had to wait for a couple of days to receive it. This shows that this pharmacy is reliable.

Another user, who wished to remain anonymous, thanked pharm express rx for a job well done. He said that his girlfriend had recommended the pharmacy to him because of their customer service. Rob, however, said that he was only glad that his meds arrived even though they took a couple of days. It seems like he had a great experience with the company.

This pharmacy is an online pharmacy that promotes its excellent customer service. They have a live chat support for their customers to use. The drugstore offers to resend or refund in the case of incorrect orders. The freebies are great and should make you want to order again. The reason for this is that they are extremely generous. For a discount of 10% on your next order.

The site is a pharmacy that specializes off selling generic drugs.

Pharm Express Rx Coupon Codes

They also offer free shipping for orders over $200 with regular delivery. Their refund policy is similar to other online pharmacies, they are only refunding the money you paid for their service, however.

It is a tough market with very little regulation, however, some countries such as the United States have some of the strictest policies for medicines. Although they provide a few pointers on how to make your online purchasing process better, they do not really have a lot of store.

They are not winning many customers from other pharmacies in this competition so it is not a good sign. The company needs to prove that they are doing more to attract more customers and that their prices are genuine and not inflated by any means.

Your order will arrive within 7 business days when they confirm receipt of your payment. If on any other reason you need to contact them, they do have an email, fax, and regular mail for ordering.

Pharm express rx offers 24/7 customer support for all. They also offer you discounts of up to 30% on certain product categories. They offer a two-year limited warranty and do not accept returns to Canada.

We have tried to review this drugstore account details provided by them. We have found some issues as they did not have a valid email address to provide feedback. We have also tried contacting them via their mobile numbers and have received nothing from them.

We have tried to find some recent customer reviews on

Pharm Express Rx
Pharm Express Rx

Pharm Express Rx Reviews 2021

The domain of this pharmacy has been around since 2010 and it has been listed as a threat on many scam analysis websites. From the domain information you can say that the store is not safe and they are not trustworthy.

There are products available at this pharmacy including generic erectile dysfunction drugs, anthelmintics and multiple drugs for impotence. There is also a list of the best sellers of the store and the available standard shipping option.

Most of the drugs are generic and are manufactured in India, a well known place for producing generic and cheap drugs.

This website does not require any prescription information from their customers which is good as this is common practice of most online stores.

Try a 30% off offer on all products you purchase using your discount coupon and you will save up to 30% on all your purchases.

The store is secured using a valid SSL certificate to make sure your information is safe during checkout.

  1. Your order will be delivered within 2 business days with no tracking requirement.
  2. Delivery will be free on orders over $50.

The testimonials are all very happy with the services provided by the store and you should not expect too many positive reviews if they are just going to be a testimonial page.

Domain Profile

The domain has been registered and is set to expire in the year 2011. This is great to learn considering the current business environment doesn’t allow for long-term business ownership.

However, a search on Scamadviser shows that the domain is probably being used by an affiliate website.

The website is very similar to hundreds of other online stores on the internet. This shows that people have been using this site for a long time and haven’t put any effort into making the site a better place.

The business name isn’t provided in the database. There is an address in the Netherlands but we are unable to confirm the real location of the business.

Pharm Express Rx Reviews 2021
Pharm Express Rx Reviews 2021

This business is registered in the Netherlands. The European Union has rules for where businesses can operate and this is a big positive. However, we can’t confirm the following:

This store offers a wide range of products. They don’t provide much information about where the business is located or the regulatory approval they are given.

Customers need to have a valid prescription if they want to buy RX drugs. They will be giving it out to a few people in the store.

Payment is accepted by all major credit cards from credit card processing companies. Shipping is done very cheaply and fast.

This pharmacy is not a money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with your medication they will send a reshipment.

Customers get a voice response from an experienced pharmacist and information about their refund policy.

We have found some pharm express rx reviews online. The testimonials are very positive but you should read them all before you can trust them.

Some customers have said they had a problem ordering but they were able to contact the pharmacy customer support team. Others have been featured on pharmacy checking websites.

This online pharmacy has a lot of promise. They offer cheap medicine for a wide range of uses and you won’t spend a fortune with them. They also claim to offer customer support services to ensure you are looking good and not getting scammed.

A customer service representative may contact them via their site or by calling their UK phone number +44 207 020 3273.

Bottom Line

For a more drugstore-like experience, I think providing some discounts to the customers is a good idea. It only costs $1.23 for each tablet and regular shipping is free.

I will only give this drug store a 3.2 out 5-rating because it is a bit expensive when compared with other pharmacies. I hope that they will start to sell more and more drugs so the customers decide to order from them and not other pharmacies.