Pharm Net Offers Discount Coupons, Free Shipping And A 10% Discount On Future Orders.

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Pharm Net Offers Discount Coupons, Free Shipping And A 10% Discount On Future Orders.

I will, however, be careful in the future to avoid times when they carry the name of the company which is next to their logo on their site. This could be a red flag.

I like how this store makes use of the Australian layout instead of the international one. I think it would be easier for customers to navigate as well.

The pricing of their products appears to be much cheaper than most other online pharmacies. This makes them feel more like they are on a 50% off deal.

Company Profile

There are no other certifications to verify their legitimacy which means that they are not a legit business.

They claim to offer 24/7 customer support and have a live chat support system. However, there is no assurance that these claims are true and the answers will always remain hidden.

This drug store does not require a valid prescription for their products. This is not a requirement for most other licensed pharmacies to dispense their products.

This site has a discount code which you can enter below. It will get you $ 10 off your first order when you get to use it.

This pharmacy is offering lucrative deals and lower prices. They offer free shipping on orders over $300 and have a 60% off pack deal.

This company accepts Visa and MasterCard payments only. There is an extra charge of $ 10 for delivery insurance. The company also uses a secure server to protect your information.

They provide telephone and email support for their customers. They use to be a little noisy in the night but can be quietened with a little noise reduction software. You can call them by sending an email to:

This pharmacy has a few testimonials on their website. There is not much feedback for the drugs they claim to offer.

All three reviews are written in 2007. These comments do not represent the company’s overall performance when it comes to drugs.

Pharm Net
Pharm Net

This phenomenon happens all the time when people trust a company when they have no feedback for them.

Pharm Net Reviews

We are more cautious when it comes to their customers. Although they claim to be Canadian-owned and operated, this could be a double standard because the website logo is not available in their selection of drugs. There is also no contact details of any kind available. The drug store is not operating in a discreet manner.

The company claims that they have the necessary prescription drugs for their customers. They provide a physical address for their pharmacy in Canada. They provide phone, fax, and email contact details. However, they do not have an online form to fill out and submit the prescription.

You must have a valid prescription issued by a licensed physician to purchase any drugs from this online pharmacy. They need to send you a copy of the prescription by mail or direct delivery.

This pharmacy site is secure with SSL encryption. However, the company is using a valid SSL certificate from McAfee, GeoTrust, and McAfee Professional.

They accept payment via major credit cards from Visa and Mastercard. There is also a check payment option. They use Express Check Delivery for $29.95. This is cheaper than the regular shipping costs but it doesn’t come with any guarantee of delivery. The company also charges a flat rate of $29.95 on all orders.

This company has an online testimonial page. They claim to have more than 1 million customer reviews. This is a great testimonial but we need to verify it.

The company has a large number of customer reviews, this could indicate a real satisfaction with their service. However, we don’t know for sure.

Their businesses are fake and they do not share information about where they are located. We do not believe that this is a reliable business.

Mirror Site

This online pharmacy is using a different domain name which is quite unusual. The domain was registered a year ago in April 2017 and has a very modestly built. The website, however, is a work of art, without any clinical evidence to support its legitimacy.

This pharmacy is registered through a third-party company called Pharmacy Checker who are based in the United Kingdom. This company uses a UK address and phone number, and claims to offer a 24/7 customer support team to all of their customers around the world.

On Scamadviser, this drugstore has a trust score of 80% although it is also important to keep in mind that it is not a safe site for buying drugs.

Pharm Net Reviews
Pharm Net Reviews

The UK-based company behind this website, Pharmacy Checker Inc, has a seal from CIPA on their website. Upon checking this seal, we can see that it clearly says CIPA Approved.

On LegitScript, this pharmacy is rated as “rogue” due to it not being transparent about where they are located and claiming to offer 24/7 customer support.

  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Allergy
  • Allergies
  • Antibiotics
  • Antivirals

They don’t provide information about where they find their drugs manufactured and are therefore unable to confirm the authenticity of their products.

The prices of their generic Viagra are surprisingly low. They make a lot of highly addictive and addictive drugs available for only $9.99. However, we advise that you seek a cheaper alternative as they do not have it in stock.

This store uses Secure Sockets Layer of their website which encrypt all of the information provided by you so that only they can access it. When you place an order, you are given a unique code to enter to receive a discount on your purchase. This is to ensure that everyone who orders from this store gets a discount.

They offer a free delivery for orders less $300 and orders over $300. This is because they need the drugs for their treatment and they are not able to ship them directly.

They don’t have a testimonial page as we would expect to find them. However, they provide a link to Facebook.

We find that this shop is a pharmacy that appears to be real, though we do not have a precise location for where they are based.

Bottom Line

We can say that the online pharmacy has a good track record of selling quality generic health products at reasonable prices. These products are delivered to their destinations at very fast rates. Customer feedback was good and they even received a large number of responses. However, our doubts about their legitimacy cannot be disregarded as they were only quoted privately.

This drugstore is operating legally and because of this, they are able to sell their drugs at reasonable rates. They sell generic drugs and these are approved by the FDA. They also have a two day satisfaction guarantee which guarantees that your money will be safe. They have a zero percent chance of scam reports and are rated highly by Scamadviser.

This pharmacy has a lot of approval from other auditors and regulatory agencies. Based on these approvals, they are able to operate with ease.

From all the info we have gathered about this company, we will have to give them a score of 5 out of 5.

The company that owns this online pharmacy is known as “Online Pharmacy”. They also have a membership with CIPA Rx and Pharmacy Checker. On this website, you can also find membership to AARP, AIGA, Bipartisan Policy Center, and many other groups.