Pharm Net Falsely Claims They Are A Canadian Pharmacy

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Pharm Net Falsely Claims They Are A Canadian Pharmacy

Pharm net is a peddling e-commerce platform that purports to be Canadian. They also claim to have a secure platform that is accessible to everyone. They have a live chat feature and phone numbers for ordering.

Canadian Pharmacy Store this website is a licensed and certified Canadian pharmacy. They have a reputation for offering great customer service. We are happy to say that they have assured us that this is a genuine store and not a scam. For safe payment options, you can use our affiliate link below.

Reviews are available for pharm net on the web and in the customer's review. They are all positive. They praise the service of the pharmacy and even the pharmacy itself. The customer testimonials are also very familiar to us as they have been posted on other online pharmacies.

Since the seller has had so many testimonials on their own site, we have also taken the time to screen the comments from the seller’s site. Our findings confirm the testimonials posted above.

We have yet to find a discount offer for this drug store. They offer free delivery for all orders.

As a discount retailer, you would normally expect to find a few offers to earn back some points. However, they do not provide discounts such as this. We would have to believe them that this is a good offer for the average customer.

The feedback we have gathered for the pharmacy make us feel like they are lying. They do not have much feedback from their latest reviews and are only considered as a zero percent trustworthy pharmacy.

Pharm Net Reviews 2021

This site offers a variety of deals for its customers, including discounts of up to 30% on orders above $200. The store has also partnered with Canadian pharmacies such as Cialis International Pharmacy and is offering “Canadian-Certified”.

All the online drugs available at this website are dispensed from Canada. However, some of the drugs are also licensed by the FDA.

Since the domain has just started being tracked, it's best to first check if it’s real or it’s a contract store.

Regulatory Approval

Since this pharmacy has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it is safe to use. However, the site does not have any certificates from other regulatory bodies to make sure that customers won’t be able to order their medications from this site.

Additionally, the site is operating legally and it is operating according to the ethics rules as they are required to do by the Food and Drug Administration.

The quality of drugs available in this store is not amazing. Even the generic pills are not FDA approved, which is why their prices are a little expensive. Still, they give you some options when it comes to when to take the medication.

Pharm Net Reviews 2021
Pharm Net Reviews 2021

This pharmacy requires that you fill out a prescription when ordering from them. It is not easy to do in just a few minutes, so it probably would have an effect of slowing down your health.

One of the reasons why this pharmacy is legit is because they have a valid license. They are not violating any rules and regulations, as they are part and parcel of fulfilling their legal responsibilities.

However, they only accept Visa Card as their payment option.

  • Airmail delivery
  • eCheck payment
  • bank transfer
  • Airmail takes between 14 and 21 days before the package is dispatched, which is not long at all
  • Airmail takes between 5 and 9 days before the package is dispatched, which is very fast indeed

The customer care services offered by this store is amazing. They provide 24/7 customer support for all their customers, and you can contact their support team anytime during any day of the week, anytime, and they do not bother telling you who is who.

Their phone numbers are available and they also provide an email address. However, we cannot guarantee their emails will always be response and it is definitely safe to use.

There are testimonials available on the website of this store, yet only one of them is genuine. This is strange, because the other testimonials are positive and very professional. It is always important to check the authenticity of any customer reviews before using them, especially the ones that are posted on a third-party website.

To conclude, Single Pills~Generic is a pharmacy that you can trust.

Poor English

All the website has an issue with English, which makes it difficult to translate the website for other languages. The company claims that it has been in the business for two years, but they only have one Web browser (which cannot be trusted) and they are using a Virtual Private Network to hide their activities.

The company has been operating for two years, but they only have one Web browser and use a Virtual Private Network . This means that they are hiding their activities completely. They do not allow their prescription drugs on their store so there is no way for your personal medical information to be obtained from them.

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Birth Control
  • Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Pain Relief

There are no pharm net reviews online, but there are testimonials from former customers. All the testimonials are positive and claim that their products and services were effective. Unfortunately, all the reviews are dated and are obviously fake.

Most of the testimonials are dated and do not give an honest review for the products that they sell. The testimonials are misleading to make you believe that the company has been in business for two years, when in reality, they only have one year of experience.

Regulatory Approval
Regulatory Approval

To conclude, this shop is a scam. They do not have proper approvals, and they are not licensed to operate in any country.

I am not sure about the payment methods they accept but I am fairly certain that if they do not provide that information, that they accept Credit Cards and ECheck. You can also use bank wire transfers.

There is no live chat but you can call, email or send a fax to their toll free number, contact form or hotline.

Approval License

The states that have licensed their health care facilities operate under the same guidelines as any other licensed business, which is as follows:

  • In the picture above, you can see two licensed members of the FDA are visible.
  • The state of Delaware is shown with a seal for their members of the FDA.
  • The state of Washington is also shown with an Seal for their membership of the FDA.

The use of a licensed member of the FDA and their seal are two of the most prominent features of a legit business.

You must first visit their memberships and accreditation websites to get the details of their member. They also require that you provide a valid prescription when ordering from them. is a true-blue Canadian online pharmacy that dispenses genuine medications to the world. They also provide world-renowned drugs and health products to help their customers achieve better health conditions.

They take pride in providing safe and convenient service to their customers while also being compliant with all the regulatory and health laws that are regulating health care businesses.

We haven’t got a coupon for this drugstore that we haven’t found yet, but our guess is that it won’t be coming for a long time. The company could find itself in the red and ends up losing their license for their activities.

You may have noticed that the pharmacy doesn’t seem to accept PayPal as payment options.

  • DonaCard, which is from Italy
  • Evern-CHIP, which is from Canada

The pharmacy also makes sure that you have the correct amounts of medication in you so that your personal and card information can’t be accessed by malicious parties later.

Pharm Net Bottom Line
Pharm Net Bottom Line

While we wouldn’t recommend this pharmacy, we do have a few positive things to say about them. There is a lot of competition in the market and it is great to be a part of it. They have a really pleasant and friendly customer support team that is responsive to all queries.

As much as we want to like a certain pharmacy, it is especially stressful knowing that they are in a position where they have nothing but customers to rely on. Therefore, we have decided to evaluate these pharmacy reviews through a wide range of tests so we can all have a better understanding of what we are willing to pay for and if they deserve our full support.

So, without further ado, the feedback from the customer reviews posted on their respective websites are our assessment of the pharmacy as a whole and their member ratings:

Bottom Line

This website is an online pharmacy that has a great reputation. They claim to offer high-quality pills that are delivered to your doorsteps. I take a look at the various reviews they have received from their customers to see if this is a pharmacy that you should use to get high quality pills from.

Interestingly enough, however, the domain is set to expire on the 9th of March 2016. This is not too long for a domain to be registered which indicates that they are probably a scam.

I was able to find information for the company on It seems that the site has been around for a while, however, this is not always the case.

They have been marked as an unapproved website and the owner is using a protection service to make sure their information can't be seen by the public. Scamadviser also labels the site as being in Europe so it doesn’t seem like it is a safe place to purchase from.

There are a number of regulatory approvals they have, with the ubiquitous approval of the European Union and the US.

With both of these approvals, they have also been approved by Legit Script and they have been given a verification positive.

There are a number of great features on this website, such as the section for customer reviews. They have a testimonial section which is filled with happy clients thanking the platform for the service they provide.

Another well-known feature is the freebie offer, where they give an entire pack of Viagra pills to every order that the customer makes. This is something to do to encourage people to use their service.

This website has a different payment system to some other online pharmacies. Instead of using a credit card, they accept a debit card.

They use a premium shipping method to ship products, which takes between 4 and 8 days to arrive at your door. They also offer a free consultation with an opt-in form.

There are a number of pharm net reviews from customers on third-party websites. This is the usual course of events, as the reviews do not match up with the photos they have posted.