Pharmacy Mall Review – A Scam Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Mall Review – A Scam Pharmacy

Pharmacy mall is a Canadian pharmacy that sources its drugs from different countries in Asia. They ship their products to their customers from various locations in Asia including Canada, Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and India. Their main target market is North America.

They also don’t have an online form to fill in your prescription if you need it. This is a big plus for many people who are buying their drugs from this store.

This pharmacy does not have any reviews online from any third party websites. They are using a fake customer testimonial on their site. Their site is not secure which is not something you would normally expect from a scam pharmacy.

This means that you have no assurance that the drugs that you are getting are authentic. Also, they do not have a zero percent trustworthy rating from

The pharmacies offer discounts to their customers and you can find more deals on their websites. However, if you buy large enough quantities, the chances of you getting a discount increase.

The drug store is a rogue online pharmacy that wants to deceive people. They offer cheap generic versions of prescription products and low-priced medicines. They use fake testimonials and fake customer reviews to try and convince you that they are reliable and trustworthy.

Some drugs are not available in Canada due to tax regulations. They also do not have a license to operate. There is also no proof that they are operating from a legitimate business.

They can offer you discounts if you order large quantities, but you will have to pay additional fees.

Some online pharmacies do not play by the rules set out by the government, but they are not illegal. Instead, they are operating legally.

If you buy drugs from this drugstore, you are committing a very serious offence. They are not operating in accordance with the rules set out by the government.

If the rates you see quoted are lower than the normal rates charged by other pharmacies, we are giving you a 10% discount.


The store has a large selection of generic and brand name pills available for sale. Pills are available in 20 different dosage sizes and in the most popular category of all is the 20 mg formulation. The product is obtained by paying a small premium to the med more than the average price.

The store accepts all major credit and debit cards. The website offers free shipping worldwide although it is not guaranteed as its orders will be delivered. Shipping cost $10 depending on where you live in the world.

Apart from the positive reviews, the store has testimonials from previous customers. Being a retailer with a long history, it is good to see some testimonials from former customers.

Pharmacy Mall
Pharmacy Mall

With the good reviews from previous customers, it is good to disclose where you are located. Moreover, it is a bit surprising that there are only 3 reviews of others. The prices are cheap compared to others and it seems like they are quality products.

As far as I can tell, all the feedback is positive except for the last comment which is dated 2016. All the reviews find the store reliable and trustworthy.

I visited the website again this year as part of a larger research about the existence of online pharmacies of this type. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and I am more convinced by the fact that pharmacy mall is actually real as there is no better pharmacy around.

Since I have already made an order this year, I had to check if there were any coupons or special offers. There were none available. I am more convinced by the fact that is a genuine pharmacy as they are not using any fraudulent means.

It is very difficult to purchase something as cheap as a product like this without getting a little bit of a commission. But doing so is not illegal as pharmacy mall is a legit business.

Pharmacy Mall Generic Drugs

I then asked them if there had been any updates regarding this shop since 2004, and they said no. They have on expert consultants to review their operations once again and make sure what they had done correctly and what they need to improve.

Then, on their site, it says that they have had over 500 clients who have trusted them and have had their orders delivered to their addresses. They had had only been online for 10 years and they were already making a lot of money.

Besides the discount they offer, they need you to register with them so they can track your order information. They are also giving you a 10% discount on all your purchases. I like the idea of VIPPS as they can get exemption to this.

I am now 5% impressed. The fact that they have been around for so long and are so profitable speaks volumes about them.

Prescription Requirements

Buyers are only required to send the doctor’s prescription in the case of an order they have made in order to complete their purchases, but they can also use a different doctor for their orders if they have opted to do so.

It is great to see that pharmacy mall is online-facing and has a forum along with a Status Bar for its reviews. There are also testimonials related to their site on other web pharmacies and on the Pharmacy website.

The reviews are not perfect, but each story requires a separate verification (therefore, the testimonials are somewhat outdated).

Return to this website offers are not in favour of the store. Customers have complained of an inability to place their orders, a report that some orders have been delayed for weeks, and even dealings with the store leading to illicit activities such as money transfers.

Given these negative reviews, I would not put my trust in this site, so I can say that I will not be part of a distributor that relies on these reviews and has not received any customer feedback.

Pharmacy Mall
Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy mall has great discounts on their site, and the standard shipping rates are very cheap for their products.

Their customer support team is also swift and does not seem to be a scam with their live chat service.

This drugstore is a drugstore that provides a wide range of drugs for different medical conditions. The pharmacy operates from Canada but they are most famous for dispatching orders online.

The products available at this online pharmacy are licensed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that they are safe and effective to use. No details were found about the manufacturer of the drugs they use.

This website offers a secure and encrypted payment portal that utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your personal and card information.

Bottom Line

This drugstore may be located in Ontario in Canada. The company claims that it offers a fast, discreet shipping service. It is a programmable drug store which uses different displays to different parts of the world. On their website, they say that they offer the best quality generic drugs from their global distributors.

The store operates from Canada with warehouses in Mauritius, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the United States and India. They provide them with real-time updated information regarding their orders. They have a live chat support which allows them to deal with their customers easily.

Pharmacy mall have a pharmacists license and have also received approval from Pharmacy Checker and the PharmacyChecker. This means that they are following the rules which should be set out for other licensed pharmacists and are not breaking any laws. They are only using different websites to deceive people.

The pharmacy claims that they have been legal for two years and that they provide a global prescription service. However, we did not verify this claim as the store is not mentioned in any government databases.

The company provides information, their contact details and regular order status in a lot of languages. If you do not want to use any of this company's website, then contact them through their Contact Us page.

This drugstore was able to take part in the Canadian PharmacyChecker program which means they were able to receive and display advertisements for their products and services.

The pharmacy is also associated with Pharmacy for their health insurance coverage. On their website, they also claim to be a member of Canadian Inc. They had a review which shows they are following the rules for a licensed vendor.

For their freebie, customers who ordered 50 pills or more get a bonus with all orders for that quantity. The company says that it offers these promotions because they are cash-saving.

While they may be on a roll with promotions, some of the pharmacies they work with need to be better.