Rx Usa Reviews - Not Recommended

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Rx Usa Reviews - Not Recommended

Rx usa is a 135-character internet pharmacy that has a website that looks legitimate. They were nice enough to send me a ticket which wasn’t returned.

It is also a practice of some online fraudsters to have a mirror website for their clients. This is why I believe this pharmacy to be a scam.

The platform has been around for about five years and has a presence in over 200 countries. However, its presence in Canada is not fully confirmed.

Since I am curious, I went on the web and made my own searches to try to find out more about this pharmacy.

Although there are no reviews from the web, it is possible that the platform has been around for as long as six years. It is therefore not advisable to spend your money buying from this store without conducting a thorough background check first.

All orders are shipped via the standard mail. The delivery takes up to 21 days and costs $29.95 if outside Australia.


The same reviews are posted on other websites, so it is harder to confirm the exact location of the pharmacy.

The prices of drugs are very low compared to other online pharmacies online. They are much cheaper than the average market price because they have licensed suppliers and not only the illegal ones.

If you are considering buying drugs from this pharmacy, be sure to read the information provided on the site. They need more information about the business that has been established by them in the past to make sure that you will not fall for any scam.

They do not even have a low trust rating on scamadviser.com, which shows how inexperienced they are with the web.

The fact that they have more than a million happy customers just proves that their business is legit.

The domain history shows us that this pharmacy site was created in 2007. This is a good sign as most online pharmacies tend to be more reputable claiming to be among the most trusted drugstore sites.

The site seems to have a very good track record in the past, extending their service seven years. Using a company which has been in the business for many years is also a good sign.

Rx Usa
Rx Usa

This drugstore uses secure sockets layer (SSL) to ensure that your information is safe. They have a website template which is very easy to understand without the use of any special software.

A contact form, phone number, and a live chat option exist on the website.

Mirror Sites

The internet has made it more difficult to determine the authenticity of a website. Rather than just trusting a website's word, you need to be very careful with reputable pharmacies. Unfortunately, a lack of transparency can be deceiving and can lead you to believe that a certain website is secure and safe.

So, can you trust this pharmacy store? Yes! It has a legitimate license and it offers FDA approved products.

If you are ordering just for the products, you can buy the pills from this pharmacy store at low rates. They also offer FDA approved drugs and a wide range of health products.

If you want to save some cash, then you can use an online wallet. Though if you choose to use a bank account then it is not recommended.

This site offers convenient shipping worldwide. They provide a one-year warranty on all their products and guarantee that the tracking number provided by the postal service for the parcel will be accurate and will not be deceptive.

They accept payments via Credit Cards (VISA and MasterCard). Payments are secure as they use secure sockets layer certificates which encrypt all of the information that is sent and received by the customer.

Shipping is pretty cheap at this online pharmacy. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the world and can ship your items in just 24 hours.

They offer very cheap prices too. A standard pack of Viagra costs $9.95 and a standard 5 pack of Cialis costs $19.95. All of their products are 100% FDA approved.

Is this an online pharmacy worth your trust? No. They are a rogue internet pharmacy who have been marked as a rogue by LegitScript. Also they claim to be a participating member of a community driven by profit.

There are already numerous offers you can take advantage of when you are ordering from this online pharmacy.


Buyers can also shop online for their specific medical conditions. Buyers can choose from branded products such as Viagra from Pfizer, Cialis from Eli Lilly, Levitra from Bayer, Mona Lisa from GSK (now part of Eranet), and Kamagra from Sildenafil Citrate.

Rx Usa
Rx Usa

Only two payment methods are accepted at rx usa. It is through credit cards from the leading names in the pharmaceutical industry such as Visa, Mastercard, and ACH, as well as through bank transfers and Bitcoin. The pharmacies also accept insurance policies from your local insurance company for a fee of $99 and $299 respectively. Shipping costs $24.95 and $29.95 depending on the destination address. Customers are also required to provide their prescriptions in order to receive their orders.

Considering all the problems that exist in the pharmaceutical industry around the world, this pharmacy is most likely a scam. However, we wouldn’t trust them as we lack hard evidence that they are genuine.

The drugs are manufactured in 25 states of the USA and their distribution centres are located in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida. However, there is no information regarding their location.

They also do not adhere to the minimum standards set by FDA which is why you won’t find any drugs which are 100% safe and effective.

We carried out a comprehensive research and reviews on the internet to find out whether this website is an approved supplier or not. Here are the results!

A quick glance at the website’s description reveals a high risk of being scammed. The drugs available for sale are counterfeit and expired.

Rx Usa Coupon Codes

Apart from the discounts, we also found some other gifts and coupons for the customers to take advantage of.

It is great to see such offers from rxusa.com, as these are offers that are bound to raise the sales of the business higher.

Rx usa is a Canadian online pharmacy which sells generic as well as branded medicines. They have a wide variety of medicine categories and treatments available for sale, all of which are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. With over 2,000 medicines and operating since 2003, their business is not going to be affected much by geopolitical events and other threats to their operations.

Our research shows that RxUsa is not an online pharmacy registered by any other federal agency. This means that they do not have a license to sell drugs online.

The fact that they do not have a license is a big issue as it means that they are operating illegally.

This site has not been able to receive reviews for a while now. This could be because they are a new seller and there are not enough customers to warrant the use of their site.

There are also no reviews available on the internet. This means that there is no one to base your decision on when buying drugs from them.

Rx Usa Bottom Line
Rx Usa Bottom Line

There is no coupon code available at the moment. However, they are giving away an additional discount of up to 10% on all their products and also offer 4 free samples on all orders.

Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways to check the legitimacy of any online pharmacy is by reading customer reviews for the pharmacy. Unfortunately, all the reviews are hidden from the web because they are from an unknown website.

Since the company lacks reliable customer feedback, it is unknown whether the company will continue operating or will be dissolved.

According to my understanding, the generic Viagra that they offer is only offered for men and does not have the “all of them” label attached to it.

However, I am having a hard time believing in such claims as there is no proof that says that they are FDA approved. Also, some generic drugs go on to cost more than the branded version.

Bottom Line

If you plan on using this online drugstore, it is important to look into other popular alternative websites for your medical needs. This website is not flawless but they are not the worst option for getting your medication.

They do have some standards from other drugstores and they are transparent with where they are located but they are not the worst option for getting your medication.

In conclusion, rx usa is a good option to use but it is important to look into other drugstores.

The shop is a pharmacy that specializes in providing men's health drugs. The site is about to close its doors for good and we don’t know when this is going to happen. To make matters worse, we also find that this pharmacy is using a misleading license that shows that they are legitimately operating. This review tells us why.

The domain name is currently for sale. We can see that it has been registered in the city of Toronto, Canada. The owner is using a company called Canada Medical Group Inc. Hiding who they really are.

This pharmacy is registered through a company called Canada Medical Group Inc. That is owned by the City of Toronto. We can also see the name of the company on the site.

This pharmacy has a seal from CIPA on the front page of the site. A check with the CIPA seal shows that it is valid.

You must have a valid prescription for them to dispense Rx drugs. They do not require a prescription form. Please note that this is different from the way most pharmacies operate.

The site offers branded drugs at the lowest price possible. They give you 10% off on all their products.

Canada Medical Group Inc. Is offering a number of coupons to help you save more when you shop from them.