Texas Chemist Reviews – A Questionable Online Pharmacy

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Texas Chemist Reviews – A Questionable Online Pharmacy

Texas chemist is a Canadian pharmacy which claims to offer FDA approved generic and branded drugs. The store has been operating its business since 2015, 19 years into the service of providing affordable, high-quality medications for their customers. Nevertheless, our investigation reveals that this store is very new and has failed to obtain customer reviews, unlike the other 1.000000 stores which are already commented on in the internet.

On Scamadviser, the site is not rated as highly trustable. It has a low trust rating of 36% which is very high compared to the average reviews which are posted on other reputable websites.

The owner of this pharmacy has decided to hide their contact details from the public record, something that is not acceptable in the current climate of online fraud.

Furthermore, the owner is not correctly registered as they may have been using a fake address in order to deceive the government.

The store accepts payments made using a combination of Visa and MasterCard. The website does not support Bitcoin and all payment transactions are encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer).

Interestingly enough, however, there are no reviews from other independent websites besides the comments located on the site. This shows that there is a problem with the pharmacy which is not being properly addressed or dealt with by the business.

There is no doubt that texas chemist is an online pharmacy which looks genuine. However, we do have some doubts about it, mainly because of the lack of independent reviews and the fact that the site is dealing with medical issues using a fake business address.

Texas Chemist Coupon Codes

We have not found any coupon codes or specific offers for this day. However, you are strongly encouraged to go through your local pharmacies and check for special offers because of the scarcity of deals available locally.

You are recommended to use your personal and card details as you shop. However, you must be careful and pay particular attention when making purchases.

You are also recommended to use this website if you own a prescription from your doctor at an online pharmacy.

While we are all eager to find things to like about any online pharmacy we are not so sure of them all being the best. They have a lot of promise but do not always deliver on time or at all. There have been instances of a customer ordering twice from the same site receiving different orders.

I started looking for reviews for the site on a reliable review site and stumbled upon this review.

I checked the details of texas chemist from other reviews sites and I found the same issues as before. The customer reports were the same, the answers are different but the same complaints are.

I am not sure if this is a good store but the evidence we have shows that they need help. They need to find more sales and more reliable and trustworthy customer support.

They have a personal care team that answers the phone and an online form to make their reservations. All of this seems to be positive and I would like to find out why they are not rated.

When they say you can rest assured that all their products come from Canada they mean it. It shows that the medication they sell comes from a Canadian pharmacy and they need to make sure I am safe when I make my order.

Bottom Line

Overall, this drugstore is a safe and reliable online pharmacy that makes sure that their clients’ financial information is safe and secure. However, they do have a few suspicious traits that are likely to be used by scam pharmacies.

You should consider using a new pharmacy if you are planning to purchase ED drugs online. Do not be deceived by their appearance or their claims but use reputable drug stores instead, be vigilant and be wary if they will be real.

The pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy that specializes in helping clients improve their sex lives. They have been operating since 2018. They have a dedicated team of professionals that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychologists from various health agencies. When you place an order with them you are given an okay by their system to email or fax the prescription back to them if necessary. Texas chemist has been approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, an organization that promotes the standards for medical practice that are set by the CIPA.

Texas Chemist
Texas Chemist

They also have a PIPA Seal of Approval. They have been involved with the regulation of erectile dysfunction clinical trials from Canada to ensure that the best minds in the field situate both their product and their patient.

Some of the reviews talk about how the products they have purchased were effective in treating their health conditions.

As the reviews are all very positive, it is possible that they are genuine. You should ask their company about it. It is a lot easier to find out about TexasChemist if you ask around.

There is one testimonial that has been posted on the website of the pharmacy. It is the testimonial from The Australian Government Inspector General.

The comments from the doctor are very complimentary of the company. The company has been inspected and must meet the standard of quality they are selling.

This company is capable of offering so many discounts and promotions. They offer the opportunity to have some generics and prescription pills that are similar to the branded ones.

They give you an opportunity to save up to 4000$. You also get a free email subscription if you subscribe.

There is nothing like a good discount offer to get you to order from them. They have a fantastic offer and prices that are very affordable. You also get a free injectable as a gift.

This company must be wanted because they offer the exact same products as the other generic pharmacies. As they claim, they have a one-stop online pharmacy that is FDA approved. They also have a Pharmacy Checker certified pharmacist on their staff for better shopping.

Fake Versus Real Online Pharmacies

The reviews also reveal that there is a problem with the “contact us” form that texas chemist uses to contact them. The store does not have an actual location, but the feedback suggests that they are located in Canada.

The findings from this review show that the shop is a fake. They lack an actual store location, as well as verifying customer feedback, and are operating from a fake business address.

The domain for this pharmacy was registered in 2018 and it’s expected to expire in 2011. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that this store has been hacked as they do not use a SSL certificate and their customers can see the information about their payment provider on the site.

The site uses a very similar design as another fake pharmacy. It works in much the same way and they only use semi-colon in their site.

This pharmacy website uses several certification programs from various regulatory agencies. These include the Pharmacy Checker process, LegitScript and CIPA.

This pharmacy website seems to offer medication for both men and women but some of the medication is only available on this site.

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Weight Loss
  • Birth Control
  • Hair Loss
  • Sexual Health

Legal Approval

A pill of a Viagra costs $79.95 while a package of Cialis costs $262.95. 99 cialis pills go for $1.6 each. All the medications on the site are FDA approved.

The store offers various rewards and discounts. They offer free delivery for orders over $300 and there are 10% off vouchers for returning customers. They offer a double summer delivery and incredibly cheap rates for the whole year.

This store has an online form and telephone number for the United States and ordering directly from the store. They also offer 24/7 customer support. They provide a mailing address, fax number, and email address.

Texas Chemist Prescription Requirements
Texas Chemist Prescription Requirements

Customer reviews from other independent sites such as Yelp and Facebook are very prominent on this pharmacy website. This means that this company is using sources from these companies to make their website look like it is legit.

The feedback from customers is also very positive. This means that they are satisfied with the pharmacy and they have no complaints. You only need to look at this testimonial from Benson for example.

The fact that this company has a verified and accredited customer feedback agency is a big plus point.

This pharmacy website is a legit business. The company is accredited by major regulatory bodies including the FDA, NEJM, and CIPA.

On URL Void, there are currently no warnings about this drugstore website. They are operating without any required Pharmacy Checker certification.

We hope that our experience in dealing with online pharmacies has made you as well as yourself a better, safer customer.

Prescription Requirements

To apply for your online prescription, you must first send an email to [email protected] using the contact link on their website. Your email and postal address must be on file at all times.

We are excited to announce that the drug store has a strong offer for their customers. First, they are offering seven pills of generic Viagra at 50% less than the usual prices with only asking prices compared to the original manufacturers. Second, they are also offering free shipping for purchases of more than $200, a deal that helps reduce the costs of the pharmacy.

  • Canada
  • Worldwide

$3.75 for every new customer who buys Viagra with the $200 purchase. As a special offer, all of the new customers must order Viagra from this pharmacy for free.

Unfortunately, there is no online support for the pharmacy which is why it is important for you to make creative ways to contact them. They have phone numbers for the US and UK but only for US customers.

The pharmacy has a testimonial page full of happy customer testimonials. Although these are great testimonials and reflect well on the company, we have seen some reviews where fake positive reviews were created.

To conclude, texas chemist has the perfect combination of design, quality and affordable products. The pricing is reasonable and the quality of the products is exceptional. Despite these, they do have a warning about their safety.

This website is one online pharmacy that makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims. They call themselves a Canadian Pharmacy but is actually based in Barbados. We investigate the claims made on their website and see if they are worth taking them seriously.

The domain name record shows that this pharmacy’s address was only created in April 2018. They have been in business since 2001, which suggests that this pharmacy might be operating from more of a reputable source.

The owner is using a Russian based company called Paragon Blockchain Eranet which is a high-risk country.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, reading reviews from other independent sites is not enough to know when you are being scammed. You can use the feedback we gathered to your advantage, but you must be careful.

We have found too many similarities between the personal reviews from these sites and the reviews from other illegitimate vendors that we don’t recommend. It is best to avoid these types of websites as you never know when any customer will complain about a product or service that you have received.

The site is an online pharmacy that claims to be based in Canada, but is actually based from Romania. PosingidonPharm is also known as Canadian Pharmacy 24/7 because of the daily news reports regarding the activities of this drugstore. Apart from this, they boast of having over 300 licensed doctors in Canada. What is more is that their mailing address is also publicly available and available for inspection. With all of these factors, we can say that texas chemist is a questionable pharmacy.

The domain registration date is from the Czech Republic and the site is not registered in the United States.

The pharmacy is also not part of ANPCC's myriad of associations. This means that all of the drugs they offer are sold by unlicensed sellers. This is not good and is likely to affect their sales.