Trusted Tablets Review – A High Risk Online Pharmacy

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Trusted Tablets Review – A High Risk Online Pharmacy

Trusted tablets is a virtual seller of generic pills which are meant to improve sexual health functions. In this review, we are going to be taking a look at what this site has to offer and how they compare to other online sellers.

The store is a fairly new seller as it was only registered a few months ago on 2018-03-31. However, this is probably because the website has not been loaded for a long time.

A look at their FAQ states that they have been doing this since 2015. This is an impressive feat considering the website is pretty new.

A 20% discount is currently on offer at trusted tablets. This discount is not eligible for reshipments or refunds.

General Pharmaceutical also offers discounted pricing for their generic products. Penicillin, an antibiotic, is offered at $1.69 per pill.

Klonopin, another popular drug used to treat bacterial infections in the body, costs $1.99 per pill.

The payment methods accepted at TrustedTablets are credit cards from the following leading card processing companies:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

Shipping options are not specific, but they promise fast and free delivery. You also have the choice between standard and express courier shipping.

You can track your order using the Express Courier Service. You pay a $30 fee to receive this service.

Although this online drugstore is an active seller of generic drugs they have a list of testimonials from previous customers.

All of the testimonials they have are positive and appear genuine. However, they should not be trusted since these testimonials appear on other online sites as well.

We strongly believe that the testimonials on these other sites are not authentic. They have a tendency of being copied and put into some fake reviews.

From the information that has been gathered, we can say that the site may not be the best online pharmacy out there. They do not have a lot of customer reviews and we do not trust them given the fact that they have been operating for very little time.

Their most popular products are men's health pills that provide a lot of the functions that a prescription drug could.

Trusted Tablets
Trusted Tablets

Money Back Policy

As you can see, this online pharmacy has a three-year money back guarantee. It means that if you are not satisfied with the quality of services rendered to you by this store, you are entitled to a full refund. However, you should do your part and make a claim for a refund as well so the matter may be sorted out in the future.

This pharmacy has been named as a rogue company by LegitScript. It means that this site belongs to an illegal affiliate program and is not safe to transact with. Also, it is receiving a threat rating of 85% due to malware reports from Virus Online.

To summarize, trusted tablets is a pharmacy site that sells generic drugs at a very cheap price. The product quality is good but they do have some shortcomings that warrant a closer look. The site has been identified as being operating from a high-risk country. The availability of a live chat support team means that customers need not worry about their safety during this site's operation.

TrustedTablets is a relatively new online pharmacy that claims to offer an online pharmacy-like service. However, our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is actually a program run by an illegal affiliate program.

The website also claims to offer 24/7 customer support for some of the medications acquired. However, this store does not have an online ticketing system and you are not required to provide an account number or password in order to make a purchase.

The domain name records reveal that this online pharmacy has been around for over seven years. However, they claim to have been running since 2001.

Furthermore, they use a free email marketing program called Whistleblower that sends thousands of emails a month.

Pharmacy phone number and email address on the site. However, we discovered that these data are not publicly available.

There are no records that show that this organization is a member of regulatory bodies such as CIPA and PharmacyChecker.

This site deals mainly in men’s health drugs. However, we discovered that this drugstore is a scam, as they do not have any licensed pharmacists or doctors to serve as their medical expert.

All of their medications are shipped from Pakistan which are involved in a large number of non-compliance reports with the United Nations and other international agencies.

Trusted Tablets Coupon Codes

It is good to find the domain name information for this store on the pharmacy's site. It shows that this store has been around for a fairly long time, previously being around since 2000. This means that this pharmacy is more likely to be a legit one than any other.

This is good because it means that customers can rest assured that their medicines are safe to use despite the fact that they may come from different chemists and suppliers.

This pharmacy has a seal from CIPA on their website. This signifies that they have received regulatory approval from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

This is a good sign of a legitimate online store as a pharmacy would be required by law to dispense FDA-approved medicines to their customers.

Trusted Tablets
Trusted Tablets

You need a valid prescription for your prescribed drugs from them in order to order from this pharmacy. They only offer branded prescription drugs.

The prices of their generic drugs are very affordable. All drugs sold by this store are approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

  • Men's Health, a pill pack containing Viagra 10mg and Cialis 20mg
  • Herbals, Cilantro, Dandelion and Watermelons
  • Anti-Allergy, Avocado, Apricot, Apple, Cherry and Grapefruit, Allergy, Antifungal, Allergies, Antibiotics, Androgenic, Androgenic Colic, Antibiotics, Antivir

Payment Options

All transactions are encrypted using SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates. This means that your personal and card information is protected.

I almost feel sorry for the customers who live near the site, since they seem like a nice bunch. They are very well organized and provided the correct information to the customer.

Trusted tablets has been operating from a place called “Online Pharmacy” but they also come from a legitimate company. From their website, they state that they have been trusted by thousands of clients. This is a good sign because since they don’t specify if they are working with a licensed doctor, many people will assume that they are selling pills from a qualified doctor.

They also say that they provide quality pills at the lowest price possible. They offer two different currencies with their orders. They also offer real-time updates of the status of their products to their customers. Their live chat is available 24/7.

Bottom Line

It is also important to note that the domain has been around for over 14 years with no signs of steroid activity in the records. This is a good sign as steroids are commonly used drugs in the past that were also addictive.

Like many online pharmacies, this drug store is operating under a business profile that is similar to many rogue pharmacies out there as they have one owner and have had a direct or proxy relationship to one another.

They are registered under a publicly owned website which is a good sign of a reliable and trustworthy business. This publicly viewable website does not have any hidden or hidden details such as the owner and the server.

Since this online pharmacy is operating without any regulation, we can only look at the CIPA seal on the front page of their website.

The PharmacyChecker tag of the CIPA certifies that they are a legit pharmacy which dispenses accurate medication to their valued clients.

If you pay through major credit cards and ensure that the customer is in the US, you are sent a tracking number. They also offer two free shipping options for the US.

Shipping is only available to the United States and Canada. They have a trackable courier that delivers to the addresses they are giving.

If you are a customer who is interested in purchasing a prescription from this online pharmacy, then you will be able to share your opinion in their blog that is dedicated to helping others seeking a cure for erectile dysfunction.