Universal Drugstore Reviews – Fake Health Reviews

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Universal Drugstore Reviews – Fake Health Reviews

Universal drugstore is a Registered Canadian Internet Pharmacy and is a part of CIPA. On Scamadviser, it is listed as a “threat” website.

Today’s Pharmacy has a transparent policy allowing you an extra discount to get you to spend. This, combined with some harsh competition from other Canadian online pharmacies, means that the pharmacy has not been able to get a lot of customers to buy from them.

Universal drugstore offers your 5% and 10% off offers for the first year. The 5% off offer will also give you a discount on your entire order.

This drug store has disappointed a large number of customers, especially around the holidays. They offer cheap prices but only get 3% on their own. They issue you a prescription upon ordering for the first time which is not available at other Canadian online pharmacies. This is ridiculous as do not have a prescription is a very big as well as a major red flag.

I have a feeling that if they weren’t one of the leading Canadian internet pharmacies they could have been.

This site is a Canadian online pharmacy that claims to sell FDA approved medications. The company claims to operate from Canada and point out that they are a Canadian business, which is also true. They are also very transparent about who owns them and when they acquired the business. These are all good things but they do raise questions about their legitimacy.

I spend a lot of time on the internet trying to find pharmacies that are legit and trustworthy and asking around. Without a doubt, this is the best resource I have at my disposal. I decided to give it a try and ask around for a quick answer to a question I have had about this store.

There is a lot of good things about universal drugstore including their price and their excellent customer service. However, one thing that stands out in their website is their lack of a transparent policy as to who owns them and from where they are based.

They do not provide any information as to where in the world they are based.

Universal Drugstore Regulatory Approval
Universal Drugstore Regulatory Approval

Regulatory Approval

For example, the website you are visiting does not have a valid regulatory approval for any of the pharmacies that they are supposed to be part of.

The prescription section is a constant struggle with the pharmacy having no prescriptions at all. Being unable to secure prescriptions from a doctor is the least of their worries as they do not offer any medication support team for this issue.

This pharmacy does not require a prescription for anything they sell. This is a common practice of other rogue pharmacies that you can find on the web.

This pharmacy does not own an SSL certificate to make sure your information can be viewed by anyone. They use credit card payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard.

These payment methods are not secure and are therefore not safe to use. The website also accepts payments through a bank transfer and Bitcoin.

The pharmacy offers two shipping methods which are United States Registered Mail (5-11 Days) and Express Courier (14-21 Days).

This site does not provide much in the way of reviews. They have none on testimonials website. This does not look good and runs counter to the claims that this website makes.

They make the suggestion that there could be a courier service but there is no evidence that this is an actual exists.

They also claim to be a member of Australian National Pharmacy Club, but there is no evidence that this is an actual club affiliation.

Universal Drugstore Reviews 2021
Universal Drugstore Reviews 2021

The lack of regulation raises many questions about this store. Are they actually doing what they say they are doing? Are they reporting their practices properly? Do they have proper business processes to address any concerns that they may have about the integrity of this store?

Payment Methods

Due to the high volume of online shopping they have to make, they needed a way to make payments using their debit cards and credit cards. They accepted two methods of payment: as a direct deposit and a cheque.

They did not accept insurance claims from other than the US only accepting payments from the UK. All payment transactions were encrypted using SSL certificates.

Comparing this store with other online pharmacies, their customer service team has an edge over others as they are constantly updated with the new products and always respond to queries from their customers.

They had a great range of online pharmacy products to choose from although they only sold a few products.

I was surprised that this pharmacy offers a free shipping and a good customer service. The company is not as upfront as the other pharmacies I have checked. They claim to provide 24/7 customer support but that they are available all hours of the day and all night. The company also uses a telemarketer service to check if an order is processed correctly.

Universal Drugstore Reviews 2021

I checked with other reputable online pharmacies for their views on this store so I don’t know if they approve of their customer’s experience of using the site. The best I can do is share my own experience of being a customer and finding it frustrating. I made some phone and email contact to update them on what was happening so they could more clearly understand how I felt about the situation.

I have a feeling that universal drugstore could have no Internet access and they could be operating from a low-quality site. There is also a possibility of them being Russian-based and using a Russian server to host this pharmacy.

I am looking for generic Viagra pills so if this is the case why are they offering a 5% discount on all future orders? I can only assume that it is a promotional offer and not a real offer.

Universal Drugstore
Universal Drugstore

They are also offering a discount on all future orders that you make so if you decide to fill your prescription from this store you will get 5% cheaper.

I don’t know if this is a good shopping experience for you but I can advise you to wait for the best time, the FDA has not yet said if this pharmacy is approved to dispense drugs online.

This drugstore is a pharmacy which claims to offer 24/7 customer support via phone and email. The information they provide is very helpful especially for those who have questions. I look at the facts to find the credibility of this store.

When checking the domain name information for this pharmacy, I discovered that they have been operating their business for nearly 9 years. This is a really long time to start a pharmacy business.

Bottom Line

They offer a wide range of products but the most popular drugs that are sold in this pharmacy are Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. This is because the drugs are the most expensive ones on the internet. A prescription is not required from a doctor for this service.

They only offer Cialis for $79.16, Viagra for $89.98, and Levitra for $99.42. For this offer, this is the cheapest online price they could find.

I am interested in getting the exact same price as my doctor but I am no longer interested in this site. I would say that it is a safe site but it has a negative review from a customer.

They have a live support form that you can use to get in contact with them. However, they only respond to queries in 30 minutes.

I am really interested to know if this company is a reliable one or not. Do you own a drug that is prescribed by your doctor? If yes, can you order your prescription drugs from this store without a prescription?

I would say that this site is safe and effective online pharmacy. They have a dedicated customer support team and they have a wide range of meds that can be bought which is great.